Ali Pinarbasi

Ali is an authority in the fields of VPN, online privacy, and data protection. With extensive experience as a certified GDPR compliance and Contract Law Consultant, his expertise encompasses both legal intricacies and cutting-edge technology.

Armed with a CIPP/E qualification and a Master of Laws Degree in Data Privacy Law and IP Law from King’s College London, Ali possesses an unparalleled command of the legal dimensions of online privacy. His journey through esteemed law firms in London, where he worked as a GDPR compliance consultant and contract law specialist, has fortified his proficiency in navigating complex regulatory landscapes.

Ali’s insightful writings unravel the complexities of VPNs, data protection, and privacy laws, catering to both legal professionals and the general public. With a reputation built on unwavering expertise, Ali is a beacon for those seeking to comprehend and fortify their online privacy.