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Justas Pukys
Product Manager at Surfshark

Justas is a certified IT systems manager with eight years of hands-on experience in the telco, energy, and technology sectors. His expertise includes VPN technologies, engineering practices, and IT systems management.

Previously, Justas worked as an information systems specialist and data analyst in the Ministry of Education of Lithuania. In this role, he worked on the AIKOS system, managing database administration, requirements preparation, and educating system users. Additionally, he has experience in electrical engineering (as an electrical designer at first, but later switching to a more managing role) and renewable energy (as a project manager for the maintenance and development of solar power plants).

For the past two years, Justas has been focusing on the cybersecurity field as a Product Manager for Surfshark’s VPN. In addition, Justas is a lecturer at VilniusTech, one of Lithuania’s esteemed universities. He teaches subjects, such as Software Systems Engineering, Development of Business Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence, and Knowledge Systems.

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