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Marijus Briedis

Marijus is a CTO (chief technical officer) at NordVPN. He has been working in the cybersecurity sphere for seven years. During his time at Nord Security, one of his most significant achievements was designing, creating, and implementing NordLynx — the fastest and most innovative VPN technology built around the WireGuard protocol.

Marijus oversees a big team of developers, system administrators, and other tech professionals who help Nord Security grow in the fast-paced cyber security environment. Together with other tech leaders in the company, he helps develop products and is responsible for a top-notch user experience.

Marijus shares his knowledge with cybersecurity experts around Europe by giving interviews to outlets like Bloomberg, Authority Magazine, TechRadar, and others. He also participates as a speaker in numerous cybersecurity events like ITBN in Hungary, Cyber Security Accelerator in Ukraine, and Hacker Camps around Europe.

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