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Broadband, TV and phone deals for 2024

Looking for cheap broadband? Compare prices from top providers and get a great deal

Broadband, TV and phone deals

Broadband, TV and phone deals are a simpler way to manage your home’s digital services. Bundling the three services is convenient and could save you money on your monthly bill.

Would a broadband, TV and phone package work for me?

Combining TV and phone services with your broadband contract can save you money, and most providers offer package deals these days.

Much like when you purchase them separately, you should consider what you need from each service. Your internet should offer an average broadband speed that’s suitable for your internet usage needs and be able to cope with the number of people who plan to use it. When it comes to TV services, consider whether you watch live TV and which channels you’ll need. Some deals come with a free subscription to Netflix or another streaming platform. For phone services, consider whether you make and receive calls from your landline or mobile and whether you make international calls.

Bundling the three services is often more convenient. You’ll sign one contract for broadband, phone and TV and receive one bill instead of three.

Providers also incentivise TV, broadband and phone deals. Signing a contract for all three services means more business, which is why providers may offer discounts, freebies and vouchers to sweeten the deal.

How do I choose the best broadband, TV and phone deal?

With so many broadband, TV and phone deals available, it helps to know what to look for. Remember that your contract is likely to run for 12 months or more, so it’s important to snap up a good deal.

We’ve outlined everything to consider so you can compare TV, broadband and phone deals with confidence.

How do I choose the best broadband deal?

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the best broadband deal, including:

  • Availability: check which types of broadband are available in your area. The deals that are available to you will depend on where you live. You can check what broadband is in your area by using our postcode checker
  • Speed: broadband speed is the foundation of a happy household. Make sure your broadband deal offers speeds suitable for your household’s usage. Gaming, streaming and downloading content require decent speeds
  • Contract length: providers constantly alter deals and prices to compete for your business. What looks good now might not look as good in 18 months
  • Price: look for a deal with a good balance between speed and price. It should be affordable but also offer fast speeds
  • Customer service: if your internet goes down, you’ll need help from your provider. A good customer service team is reliable and has quick response times. Check customer reviews to find out which providers offer a good level of customer service
  • Discounts and rewards: providers often offer discounts and freebies as an incentive to sign up for their deals. But just because an offer or freebie sounds good, it doesn’t mean the rest of the deal is
  • Equipment: some providers offer equipment for free, while others may charge you for it. Check whether you’ll require new equipment and what, if any, fees are involved

How do I choose the best TV deal?

These are the four main things to consider when choosing a TV deal:

  • Live TV: TV deals can come with an abundance of channels, so you should consider which ones you’ll watch. Deals may include Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and TNT Sports channels, among others
  • Streaming platforms: some TV deals offer access to streaming platforms at no additional charge. Most of Sky’s TV and broadband deals include a Netflix subscription, and bundling this service could save you money
  • Features: if you’d like to be able to pause, rewind and record live TV, make sure your deal includes this feature. Some deals allow you to watch on-demand TV. It’s also possible to install digital TV access across your household, so consider whether you’ll make use of this feature
  • Price: the more features your TV deal includes, the more costly it’ll be. Be sure that you’ll use all the features you’re signing up for to avoid paying for unnecessary services

How do I choose the best phone deal?

Consider the following when looking at phone deals:

  • Free call minutes: some deals offer free landline minutes. This means that a certain number of minutes will be free before you start paying for your phone call
  • Free call periods: there might be certain times of the day when calls are free. Plans may include free calls on evenings or weekends or offer free calls anytime
  • International calls and mobile: these calls usually have a set rate, which you should check before you sign your contract
  • Price: consider your landline usage and decide which features you’d make use of. If you don’t make many calls, it may not be worth paying extra for free minutes

What other considerations are there when purchasing a broadband, TV and phone package?

Bundling the three services could save you money – but only if you make use of the features on offer. Consider the following:

  • Broadband: look into your household’s internet usage. Will there be multiple devices connected simultaneously? If so, choose your deal with this in mind. Similarly, streaming, gaming and downloading content all require a fast internet connection, like those that full-fibre deals offer
  • TV: TV packages usually offer a large selection of live TV channels. This is great if you watch live sports or cinema channels. If you don’t, a broadband, TV and phone deal might not be the best option for you
  • Phone: landline usage is dwindling, and most of us use our mobile phones to make and receive calls nowadays. Consider whether you’ll make use of a landline service, but remember that for most broadband deals, you’ll still need to have a landline. There are also some broadband and sim options that you could bundle in pay-as-you-go or monthly plans

Not every provider offers broadband, TV and phone packages, so there’s less choice than there is for broadband-only plans. The main providers offering these packages are Sky and BT, but it’s not guaranteed these deals are available in your area. It’s worth comparing bundled broadband, TV and phone deals against these services separately.

Can I easily switch broadband, TV, and phone providers?

Switching broadband providers if you’re out of contract is simple – the same can’t be said if you’re still in contract.

In most cases, your provider will handle the switch, and you can usually keep your existing phone number to keep things simple. This includes cancelling your existing service and helping you get set up your new one. If you’re still in contract with another provider, you can switch, but you’ll likely need to pay an exit fee, which typically includes the cost of the remaining months on your contract.

With most broadband deals, you have the option to cancel penalty-free within the first 14 days if you decide it’s not right for you.

It’s best to switch all three services at once. If you choose not to switch your entire bundle, it could complicate things. You’d need to arrange for separate deals, which could cost more, and you’d have more than one monthly bill to keep track of.

Broadband, TV and phone packages FAQs

Yes, you can add a mobile phone package to your broadband, TV and phone deal. Some providers offer this type of deal, but not all, so you may need to shop around to find one. Bundling your mobile phone deal could save you money and keep things simple with just one monthly bill for the four services.

There are lots of broadband and TV deals, and most top providers offer them. Sky and BT both combine superfast broadband with comprehensive TV packages that include the Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and TNT Sports channels. If you don’t use your landline to make and receive calls but will watch live TV, one of these packages is ideal for you.

Some providers offer streaming services as part of their broadband, TV and phone deals. Sky and BT offer a Netflix subscription with some of their TV deals, and NOW Broadband offers entertainment passes for its own streaming service.

Some broadband, TV and phone packages include sports channels. The top providers, including BT and Sky, offer popular sports channels such as Sky Sports, TNT Sports and Eurosport 1 and 2. If sports channels are your main reason for wanting a TV package, make sure you compare deals with this in mind.


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