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Fibrus Broadband deals UK 2024

Looking for cheap broadband? Compare prices from top providers and get a great deal

Fibrus Broadband says it is making fibre broadband more accessible in regional and rural towns and villages across Northern Ireland and Northern England. Fibrus offers only fibre broadband deals with superfast speeds ranging from 106Mbps to 982Mbps.

We’ve outlined all the deals, prices and added extras you can expect from the provider.

Fibrus Broadband deals available now

Fibrus Broadband is a relatively small broadband provider based in Northern Ireland. Currently, Fibrus offers four fibre broadband packages with superfast speeds available to customers who reside in Northern Ireland and Northern England.

Deal nameAverage speedContract lengthDownloadsMonthly priceTV or phone includedSet-up fee
Fibrus Full Fibre 100 106Mbps18-month contractUnlimited£19.99/mNo£0
Fibrus Full Fibre 150159Mbps18-month contractUnlimited£19.99/mNo£0
Fibrus Full Fibre 300318Mbps18-month contractUnlimited£24.99/mNo£0
Fibrus Full Fibre 1000982Mbps18-month contractUnlimited£39.99/mNo£0
Prices and speeds correct as of 18/03/2024

What do you get with Fibrus Broadband?

Whether you’re switching broadband providers or signing up for your first broadband contract, there’s a lot to consider. It helps if you know what the best broadband is for you and what features you’ll benefit from. Fibrus Broadband has a small offering of broadband deals, and it only services Northern Ireland and Northern England. 

Types of broadband

All Fibrus Broadband deals are full-fibre. This means Fibrus uses a fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) connection that doesn’t require a phone line to deliver broadband to your home. While this type of broadband offers the fastest speeds, not all homes have access to fibre broadband, and around half of the UK still requires a phone line to connect to the internet. 


Fibrus has four broadband deals with speeds ranging from 100Mbps up to 1,000Mbps. However, the average broadband speed you can expect will depend on the speeds advertised and your home’s location. Use our postcode checker to find out what types of broadband deals are available in your area.


Fibrus doesn’t provide many additional services, and there are no broadband and TV deals available. Though Fibrus broadband doesn’t require a phone line, technically, you can still get a broadband and phone deal by adding Fibrus Talk for an additional £9.99 per month. Fibrus Talk is a digital phone service that allows you to make calls via your broadband connection. The deal includes unlimited calls to UK and Ireland numbers, and you can keep your existing telephone number.

Advantages of Fibrus Broadband

Switching broadband providers can come with benefits such as faster broadband speeds and incentives or freebies. Here’s what we found Fibrus Broadband’s advantages to be: 

  • No mid-contract price increase: unlike most providers, Fibrus promises no mid-contract price increases
  • Affordable deals: compared to its competitors, Fibrus broadband is affordable – the plan offering the slowest speed costs just £19.99. Even its fastest packages cost less than Virgin Media’s and Sky’s mid-range packages 
  • Contract buyout: if you’re switching to Fibrus Broadband and you’re still in contract, the company will buy out your old contract, whereby it will reimburse your final bill from your old provider, including any early exit fees
  • Rural availability: Fibrus offers its superfast fibre deals in most areas of Northern Ireland and Northern England. Fibrus is also investing in the infrastructure to connect remote homes within Northern Ireland and Northern England to fibre broadband
  • Good customer service: while we weren’t able to find an Ofcom report relating to Fibrus, we did find that it scores an impressive 4.2 out of five stars on Trustpilot, with 65 per cent of customers rating Fibrus five stars
  • Amazon eero 6 router: Fibrus broadband deals are powered by the Amazon eero 6 router, which provides a fast and reliable wifi connection

Disadvantages of Fibrus Broadband

While Fibrus offers superfast speeds at affordable prices, some sticking points could affect some customers: 

  • Only offers fibre broadband: fibre broadband isn’t yet available everywhere in the UK. If your home still uses old copper phone wires to receive an internet connection, you won’t be able to sign up for any of Fibrus’s deals
  • Not available UK-wide: Fibrus is a small, regional broadband provider and is currently only available in Northern Ireland and Northern England

What speeds can you get with Fibrus Broadband?

Fibrus Broadband might only have a few deals available, but its speeds match up to some of the largest providers in the UK thanks to its full fibre network. These are the average speeds you can expect from Fibrus Broadband:

Fibrus broadband packageAverage speed
Fibrus Full Fibre 100106Mbps
Fibrus Full Fibre 150159Mbps
Fibrus Full Fibre 300318Mbps
Fibrus Full Fibre 1000982Mbps
Advertised speeds correct as of 18/03/2024

Though these are the advertised speeds, you may not necessarily get them. Your broadband speed depends on many factors. The best broadband in your area depends on where you live and what’s available to you. Your speed can also be affected by the number of connected devices, internet usage at peak times of the day and the placement of your router.


Switching broadband providers to Fibrus is a relatively straightforward process. All you need to do is follow these steps:


  • Start by checking your postcode: type your postcode into the “check postcode” box on Fibrus’s website. This will show you all the Fibrus deals available to you, which you should compare for speed, price and features. You might find that Fibrus isn’t available in your area – if that’s the case, use our postcode checker at the top of this page to find another provider in your area
  • Select your Fibrus broadband package: choose a broadband deal that suits your needs 
  • Enter your details and sign up: input your details on Fibrus’s website to get connected. Once your order is confirmed, Fibrus will schedule an installation date – how long this takes will depend on whether an engineer needs to perform any work to get you set up
  • Cancel your old contract: if you’re still in contract, this must be cancelled. Since Fibrus is not on the Openreach network and instead owns and operates its own fibre network, you’ll need to inform your current provider yourself. Also, if you’re still in contract, Fibrus has a contract buyout scheme to reimburse the cost of cancelling your existing contract

Are Fibrus broadband deals right for me?

Before entering into any broadband contract, you should consider various factors. If you’re switching to Fibrus or taking out a new contract, these are the things you should think about:

  • Fibrus doesn’t offer any broadband and TV deals. This means you’ll need to use two different providers if you require both services
  • Check which broadband speeds are available in your area. Don’t pay for Fibrus Full Fibre 1000 if your area can’t provide superfast speeds
  • Make sure you shop around and compare packages to find the best deal for you
  • Check when your contract renewal date is. Your current deal may increase at that time, and it could be better to switch
  • If you’re switching broadband providers, verify whether you’ll need to pay exit fees 
  • You can sometimes negotiate deals if you don’t wish to switch – the market is competitive, and most providers value loyal customers

Fibrus Broadband deals FAQs

Fibrus Broadband scored very highly on Trustpilot. Fibrus’s overall rating is 4.2 out of five stars, and 65 per cent of customers rated the provider five stars. Overall, customers noted Fibrus’s quick installation process, responsive customer service and fast broadband speeds.

Fibrus Broadband doesn’t currently offer any incentives or sign-up bonuses. However, it does make it easier for customers to switch mid-contract. Fibrus will buy out your current broadband contract (if you’re still in contract) so you don’t have to worry about exit fees. The provider also promises to never hike prices mid-contract.

All Fibrus broadband deals include a zero set-up fee promise. This means you won’t pay for installation or your new Amazon eero 6 router. If you cancel your Fibrus deal while still in contract, you’ll incur an exit fee. Typically, this will be your monthly contract price multiplied by the remaining months of your minimum commitment period.


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