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Broadband comparison in Hull for 2024

Looking for cheap broadband? Compare prices from top providers and get a great deal

For residents of this vibrant, bustling city, finding the best broadband deals in Hull is a key step towards seamless connectivity and internet usage. Whether for streaming, gaming, working from home, or everyday internet browsing, understanding the local market, comparing providers, and considering factors such as speed, reliability, and cost are essential.

Our guide to getting the best broadband in Hull explains your package options, helps you identify the best provider, and what service you can expect, enabling you to stay connected in Hull.

Plusnet – Full Fibre 145
Monthly Cost
Average speed
145 Mb
Contract term
24 months

Monthly prices are subject to increase each year on 31 March by Consumer Price Index rate of inflation + 3.9%.

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Virgin Media
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BT Broadband
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What broadband options are available in Hull?

Hull stands out in the UK’s broadband landscape, as it doesn’t feature any major providers like Virgin Media, BT, or Sky. This unique situation stems from Hull and East Riding lacking the infrastructures of BT’s Openreach and Virgin Media. Consequently, residents can’t access broadband services from providers reliant on the Openreach network, which includes well-known names like EE, Sky, TalkTalk, Plusnet, or Virgin Media.

The primary broadband provider in Hull is KCOM. This specialist telecoms provider caters primarily to customers in Hull and East Yorkshire and offers a range of packages. 

  • Broadband only: There are several full fibre broadband-only plans for those needing internet access, with fast and ultrafast speeds available. KCOM offers a range of fibre broadband deals, with monthly prices ranging from about £20 to about £45. Alternatively, 4G and 5G mobile broadband is available via Three’s network.
  • Broadband and phone: Hull has a limited number of broadband and phone deals available through KCOM. 
  • Broadband and TV: The absence of significant providers like BT, Virgin Media, and Sky means traditional broadband and TV packages are unavailable in Hull.

Best broadband providers in Hull

Hull is quite unique in its limited selection of broadband providers, with one company managing the city’s entire network.

  • KCOM: KCOM is the primary home broadband provider for Hull and its outlying regions. Currently, it’s rolling out its Lightstream full fibre broadband packages across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. KCOM offers speeds of up to 900Mbps download and 180Mbps upload – not far off Virgin Media’s fastest speeds – and packages can include a phone line; however, it doesn’t offer broadband and TV bundles. 
  • Three: Three offers mobile broadband via a 4G or 5G hub, delivering speeds up to 300Mbps and eliminating the need for a landline.

How do I find broadband providers in Hull, and what factors should I consider?

When searching for broadband providers in Hull, use our coverage checker and compare the results by considering the following factors:

  • Speed: Assess the broadband speeds each provider offers in Hull, ensuring they match your requirements for activities like streaming, gaming, or working from home
  • Price: Evaluate the cost of various broadband packages. Look beyond introductory offers to understand the long-term price, and check for any additional fees like installation or equipment rental
  • Provider reputation: Research each provider’s reputation. Consider its track record for reliability and the quality of the infrastructure provided, especially in terms of speed consistency
  • Provider customer service: Investigate the provider’s customer service quality by reading reviews and testimonials to gauge the response times, support quality, and problem-resolution efficiency
  • Wifi booster necessity: Determine if you need a wifi booster based on the provider’s coverage in your area. Some homes, particularly larger ones or those with thick walls, might require boosters for optimal wifi performance with certain providers

What broadband speeds can I expect in Hull?

According to Ofcom, the highest speeds you can expect across Hull are:

  • Download speed: 1,000Mbps
  • Upload speed: 600Mbps

KCOM offers speeds of between 300Mbps and 900Mbps. However, this can vary according to your postcode and the deal you select.

Postcode Highest download speed available Highest upload speed available
HU1 1ER Standard 19Mbps Ultrafast 1,000Mbps Standard 0.9Mbps Ultrafast 600Mbps
HU3 1AB Standard 19Mbps Ultrafast 1,000Mbps Standard 1Mbps Ultrafast 600Mbps
HU4 6RL Standard 11Mbps Ultrafast 1,000Mbps Standard 1Mbps Ultrafast 600Mbps
HU6 7SS Standard 18Mbps Ultrafast 1,000Mbps Standard 1Mbps Ultrafast 600Mbps
HU10 7BA Standard 7Mbps Ultrafast 1,000Mbps Standard 0.9Mbps Ultrafast 600Mbps

Check your speeds with our broadband speed checker.

What are the most common types of broadband available in Hull?

Within the next two years, every home in Hull will have access to fibre optic broadband, thanks to KCOM’s exclusively fibre-based network, which continues its rollout across Yorkshire and Linconshire. KCOM packages, now or in the near future, offer full fibre broadband, utilising fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) technology. 

However, 5G mobile broadband is also available in Hull, through Three’s mobile network.

Frequently asked questions about broadband deals in Hull

Improving broadband speed in Hull, primarily with KCOM as the main provider, involves a multifaceted approach. 

  • Ensure your current broadband plan meets your speed requirements and consider upgrading if necessary 
  • Optimising signal strength by placing the router centrally, away from walls and electronic interference, is essential 
  • Secure your wifi network to prevent unauthorised usage, which can slow down your connection 
  • Updating your router’s firmware can enhance both performance and security
  • Manage bandwidth-heavy applications like streaming services or gaming, especially during peak times
  • Consider using wifi extenders to improve coverage in larger homes or areas with signal dead spots

In Hull, if you’re keen on streaming, whether it’s movies, TV shows, or live gaming, having a faster broadband connection can significantly enhance your experience. Streaming, especially in high definition (HD) or 4K, requires a stable and quick internet connection to avoid buffering and maintain high-quality visuals. 

With KCOM being the primary broadband provider in Hull, its full fibre broadband offerings, known for high speeds, are well-suited for streaming purposes. However, the exact speed requirement would depend on your specific streaming needs, the number of devices connected simultaneously, and whether you’re engaging in other internet-heavy activities alongside streaming.

Broadband speeds in Hull are distinctive compared to the rest of the UK, primarily due to the city’s unique broadband infrastructure. Hull’s primary provider, KCOM, offers a 100 per cent fibre-optic network. This results in notably faster and more reliable broadband speeds in Hull compared to many other parts of the UK, where fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) and a mix of copper and fibre connections are more common. 

Consequently, while much of the UK is working towards upgrading to full fibre, Hull already enjoys some of the country’s fastest and most stable broadband speeds, thanks to its advanced fibre-optic network.

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