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Hyperoptic broadband deals UK 2024

Looking for cheap broadband? Compare prices from top providers and get a great deal

Are you looking for superfast broadband with an affordable price tag? Hyperoptic broadband offers a variety of full fibre packages with options to bundle phone services and choose from a 12-month, 24-month or rolling monthly contract. Broadband speeds range from 57Mbps up to 900Mbps. 

We’ve compared all of Hyperoptic’s broadband deals, whether you’re looking for superfast broadband speeds or sticking to a budget – here are Hyperotic’s best broadband deals. 

Hyperoptic broadband deals available now

Hyperoptic is a small broadband provider that caters to a wide range of broadband needs, offering various contract lengths and speeds. Hyperoptic is a relative newcomer to the broadband market, and its services are not yet available in every UK city – the deals available to you will depend on where you live.

Deal nameAverage speedContract lengthDownloadsMonthly price per monthExtras (included in cost)Set up fee
Fast57Mbps12 months, 24 months or monthlyUnlimited£26, £27 or £30No£19 or £39
Superfast158Mbps12 months, 24 months or monthlyUnlimited£29.99, £33 or £40No£19 or £39
Ultrafast520Mbps12 months, 24 months or monthlyUnlimited£34, £35 or £50 No£19 or £29
Hyperfast900Mbps12 months, 24 months or monthlyUnlimited£39, £40 or £60No£19 or £29 
Fast broadband and phone57Mbps12 months, 24 months or monthlyUnlimited£29, £28 or £33No£19 or £39
Superfast broadband and phone158Mbps12 months, 24 months or monthlyUnlimited£31.99, £35 or £43No£19 or £39
Ultrafast broadband and phone520Mbps12 months, 24 months or monthlyUnlimited£36, £37 or £53No£19 or £29
Hyperfast broadband and phone900Mbps12 months, 24 months or monthlyUnlimited£41, £42, £63No£19 or £29
Prices correct as of 22 March 2024

What do you get with Hyperoptic broadband?

If Hyperoptic broadband is available in your area, you’ll have access to a range of full fibre packages. Its deals also come with add-on options, and contract lengths vary, making it suitable for a wide range of customers. 

Types of broadband

Hyperoptic broadband only offers full fibre broadband. This means its deals deliver fibre directly into your home (known as Fibre to the Premises or FTTP) and not via old copper telephone wires (Fibre to the Cabinet or FTTC). While full-fibre broadband offers the fastest speeds, it’s not yet available for all UK postcodes. 

Broadband speed

Hyperoptic’s deals boast superfast broadband speeds thanks to its full fibre network. Its deals’ average download speeds range from 57Mbps to 900Mbps. Compared to the largest broadband providers in the UK, its full fibre deals are on par with the average download speeds offered. Virgin Media’s Gig1 with 1,130Mbps and EE’s 1.6Gigabit deal (1,600Mbps) are currently the fastest broadband deals available in the UK.  


There are few bundling options available with Hyperoptic broadband. It does have broadband and phone packages available for all of its deals, and adding a phone plan to your contract only costs £2 more per month. If you’re looking for a broadband and TV deal, Hyperoptic does not offer this service, so you may want to choose a different provider that does, such as Sky, BT or Virgin Media. 


For customers looking to boost their wifi signal, Hyperoptic Total Wi-Fi promises to deliver wifi to every room in your house. It boosts speed and wifi coverage and can be added to any Hyperoptic deal at any time.  

Advantages of Hyperoptic broadband

Switching broadband providers can save you money as well as give you access to faster broadband speeds. Here are all the benefits that come with Hyperoptic broadband:

  • Various contract lengths available: deals come with three different contract lengths: 24 months, 12 months or monthly – with the latter costing the most. This gives customers options, and no-contract broadband is ideal for students, renters, or when moving house
  • Superfast broadband speeds: all deals are full-fibre broadband and come with fast average download speeds ranging from 57Mbps to 900Mbps
  • Price match guarantee: if you find the same deal for less money elsewhere, Hyperoptic promises to price match it 
  • Broadband and phone bundle: for customers who still require a home phone, for a small additional fee, a phone bundle can be added to your contract
  • Affordable deals: compared to its competitors, Hyperoptic broadband is reasonably priced and often cheaper than other providers offering the same speeds
  • No mid-contract price increase: most providers hike prices mid-contract, but Hyperoptic promises fixed prices until the end of your contract

Disadvantages of Hyperoptic broadband

Before signing any broadband deal you should know the drawbacks. These are what we found to be sticking points for Hyperoptic: 

  • No broadband and TV packages: Hyperoptic doesn’t offer any TV bundles, which is only an issue if you’re looking for a broadband and TV deal 
  • All deals are full-fibre broadband: all of its deals are full-fibre broadband, which is not widely available in rural areas. Rural broadband deals typically feature packages that use old copper phone wires like Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) and standard fibre broadband

What speeds can you get with Hyperoptic broadband?

Hyperoptic broadband rivals the likes of Vodafone and TalkTalk, with its Hyperfast deal offering an average download speed of 900Mbps. Here are all the speeds offered by Hyperoptic.

Hyperoptic broadband packageAverage download speed
Fast 57Mbps
Ultrafast 520Mbps
Hyperfast 900Mbps

When choosing any broadband deal, you should consider what the best broadband in your area is. Even if you can get Hyperoptic in your area, this doesn’t mean that its Hyperfast deal will be available for your postcode. Also, the broadband speeds you receive can vary depending on where you live, where your router is placed, how many devices are connected to your broadband, and your peak time usage. 

Is it easy to switch to Hyperoptic broadband?

Hyperoptic broadband is not on the Openreach network and instead runs on its independent full-fibre network. This means switching broadband providers to Hyperoptic requires you to do a bit more of the work yourself. 

To switch to Hyperoptic broadband, follow these steps:

  • Check that Hyperotic broadband is available in your area by using the postcode checker at the top of this page. If Hyperoptic is available, compare deals and prices to make sure it is the best deal for you
  • Choose your deal and sign up
  • If you’re still in contract with your current provider, you’ll need to cancel this. You can choose to pay your current service’s cancellation fees, or with Hyperoptic’s Switch Now, you can get up to nine months free. To qualify, you’ll need to have nine months or less left on your current contract and sign up for a 24-month deal with Hyperoptic 
  • Hyperoptic’s installation can be booked for a time convenient to you. Installation is available Monday through Saturday. It takes around one hour and can be booked through your Hyperoptic account

Are Hyperoptic broadband deals right for me?

  • What broadband speed do you need? Hyperoptic’s broadband deals offer a range of average download speeds from 57Mbps to 900Mbps. It’s best to consider your internet activities such as streaming and gaming, as well as how many household members will be connecting to your broadband connection.
  • What’s your budget? Compared to its competitors, Hyperoptic offers affordable deals along with superfast speeds. With that being said, you should still compare packages to ensure you’re getting the best deal.
  • What services do you need? Hyperoptic offers broadband and phone deals, but it doesn’t offer any TV packages. If you watch a lot of live TV and want to bundle the two services together, Hyperoptic probably isn’t the right provider for you.
  • Be wary of price increases. Although Hyperoptic doesn’t hike prices mid-contract, prices do increase if you’re out of contract. You should take note of your renewal date and consider switching providers or taking out a new contract with Hyperoptic.

Hyperoptic broadband deals FAQs

Hyperoptic is Ofcom-regulated but currently doesn’t have an Ofcom scorecard. However, the provider does receive excellent customer reviews on Trustpilot, scoring 4.5 stars out of a possible five. Customer reviews note quick installation, fair prices and good customer service.

Hyperoptic doesn’t offer any incentives such as cash back or gift vouchers. However, it allows customers to switch easily when they’re still in contract. With Hyperoptic’s Switch Now, customers who have nine months or less left on their current contract can receive up to nine months free on their Hyperoptic deal. This means you can see out your current deal and avoid exit fees, but you won’t need to pay for two contracts at once. 

All of Hyperoptic’s deals come with a set-up fee. For deals with 12-month or 24-month contracts, the set-up fee will cost £19. If you take out a monthly rolling contract, your set-up fee will be £30 or more, depending on which deal you choose. 


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