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Broadband comparison in London 2024

Looking for cheap broadband? Compare prices from top providers and get a great deal

London offers some of the fastest broadband speeds in the UK, so finding the best broadband deals in the capital city can be crucial to accessing the best speeds for affordable prices. Whether you’re using broadband for streaming, gaming or powering your smart home ecosystem, we’ve rounded up the best broadband deals in London.

Plusnet – Full Fibre 145
Monthly Cost
Average speed
145 Mb
Contract term
24 months

Monthly prices are subject to increase each year on 31 March by Consumer Price Index rate of inflation + 3.9%.

Our top recommended broadband providers
Fast speeds & reliable customer service
Virgin Media
Ultrafast speeds at affordable prices
Perks for existing mobile customers
BT Broadband
The UK’s largest broadband provider

What broadband options are available in London?

The majority of the UK’s top broadband providers offer packages in London. Those with a London postcode can also choose from a variety of packages, including broadband only, broadband and phone, as well as broadband and TV packages. 

  • Broadband only: This package will suit households who only require an internet connection – live TV and landline is not a necessity to you 
  • Broadband and phone: If you still use your landline, you’ll want to opt for a broadband and phone deal. However, even if you don’t use your landline, some areas require a landline to connect to the internet – which means you’ll also need a broadband and phone deal. Do keep in mind that some broadband providers are internet-only, meaning you won’t be able to use or purchase a landline with these deals, and most providers will be switching off their landlines in 2025
  • Broadband and TV packages: Choosing a broadband and TV bundle is a good idea if you watch a lot of live TV. There are all sorts of broadband and TV deals available from bundle catering to cinema buffs to sports fanatics and everything in between 

Best broadband providers in London

Most of the big-name broadband providers offer packages in London. If you live in London, you’ll be able to choose from the ‘big four’ broadband providers in your area – Sky, BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk – as well as smaller providers.

  • Sky Broadband: Sky is well-known for its broadband and TV packages with numerous options to mix-and-match TV bundles with varying broadband deals. Its broadband packages touch various price points and customers can choose from broadband only, phone and broadband and TV or broadband and TV packages– its Gigafast has an average speed of 100Mbps  
  • BT Broadband: This is the UK’s largest broadband provider, which offers a wide range of packages. Its fastest package – full fibre – reaches speeds over 100Mbps fulfilling the digital needs of avid streamers and gamers 
  • Virgin Media: Virgin Media offers broadband, broadband and phone, and broadband and TV packages. Its fibre packages offer superfast broadband speeds, and the provider uses its cable network so there’s no need for a landline   
  • TalkTalk: TalkTalk offers broadband, phone and TV packages. Its broadband deals include faster fibre and superfast ultra fibre optic – all of which are affordable compared to competitors. Its broadband and TV deals include TV and entertainment channels and its TV Lite Box allows for pausing, recording and rewinding your favourite shows  
  • Vodafone: Vodafone has an extensive selection of cheap broadband offers with a range of fibre, full fibre and the ultra-fast full fibre 900 packages with average speeds of 105Mbps. Vodafone offers broadband and phone deals with a range of landline and mobile packages. You can also combine your broadband with an Apple TV+ subscription
  • Plusnet: This provider offers speeds of up to 900Mbps, as well as a range of fibre and full fibre packages. Plusnet is currently phasing out its landline service, so there are no phone and broadband plans available, and you won’t find any broadband and TV packages with the provider either
  • NOW Broadband: Offers very few broadband packages, but its fastest full fibre deal has an average speed of 63Mbps and is reasonably priced. You can add-on entertainment passes which give you access to NOW’s streaming service from £6 per month 
  • EE: Now owned by BT – the two providers have combined creating a powerhouse of broadband and mobile services. EE Unlimited offers broadband, phone and TV bundles. Its packages allow for full-fibre broadband, landline and mobile services as well as access to TNT sports channels and Apple TV+  

How do I find broadband providers in London and what factors should I consider?

To find the most suitable broadband deals in London, use a postcode checker to find the best deals for your area. When choosing a broadband provider there are a few things that you’ll want to consider. 

When comparing the best broadband in London, consider these factors: 

Speed for London areas

Broadband providers will offer different internet speeds in different UK cities. You should consider your broadband usage, and whether you require super fast speeds for high-bandwidth activities, such as streaming, gaming and downloading content. Our guide to running a broadband speed test will explain how to find out your current average download speeds

Price of the deal

Most broadband deals come in the form of a pay monthly contract. Typically you’ll sign up for a nominal amount of time and similarly pay for your broadband to a phone contract. Your broadband package may also have an initial one-off set-up fee. Getting the best broadband deal doesn’t just mean paying the lowest price, your broadband deal should offer the speeds to suit your usage.

Provider reputation 

Like with any service, it’s always a good idea to consider a company’s reputation. At the same time, it may be tempting to choose a broadband package with one of the ‘big four’ broadband providers (Sky, Virgin, BT and TalkTalk) simply because a company’s longevity in business can seem trustworthy. However, reading customer reviews is one of the best ways to find out how reliable a provider’s service or products are.

Provider customer service

There are times when you may require some assistance from your provider. In the unfortunate event that your internet connection is down, it’s useful to know that your provider offers reliable channels of communication – ideally a customer support phone line. 

Do you need a wifi booster for your area with that provider

A wifi booster is a device that can boost your connection speed in low-signal areas around your home. Ideally, you don’t need to use a wifi booster and your broadband speed is more than capable of meeting your digital needs. This is why it’s very important to check the average speeds offered by your broadband provider for your London postcode. 

What broadband speeds can I expect in London?

In London, you’ll find a range of broadband speeds available. Different London boroughs will offer different average speeds. This is partly down to which provider that you choose and whether full fibre is available for your postcode. According to Ofcom, the average download speed in London as of March 2023 was 71.6Mbps – this is expected to increase as more homes receive fibre to the home. 

The fastest average broadband speeds for London are 1131.6MBps – this is only for areas where the ultrafast gigabit internet is available. 

Based on ultrafast broadband using the Ofcom checker – speeds will vary and postcodes where full fibre is not yet available will be considerably lower

What are the most common types of broadband available in London?

London is a well-connected city and London homes can benefit from a wide range of broadband types. These include: 

  • Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL): This type of broadband uses copper wires that provide a landline service – it’s also the most common type in the UK   
  • Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC): This service offers superfast fibre into your nearest street cabinet. From there, broadband is delivered to your home via copper wires 
  • Fibre to the premises (FTTP): Delivers ultra-fast broadband directly into your home 
  • Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC): Broadband is delivered in two parts – it uses FTTC, and then broadband is delivered to your home via coaxial cable, as opposed to copper wires as with standard FTTC

Though all of the above are available in London, this does not mean they are available in your area. Fibre broadband is the newest and fastest type, and is still being rolled out across London – around 50 per cent of London homes have access to FTTP.  

Frequently asked questions about broadband deals in London

To improve your broadband speed, ensure your router is in a good place where its signal can reach all areas of your home. Only connect devices you intend to use so that your router is not bombarded with supplying internet necessarily. Try a wifi booster if your broadband speed is slow in some areas of your home. 

Streaming does use a considerable amount of bandwidth. If you know that you’ll stream a lot, it is a good idea to check that your broadband speed can cope with your internet usage. When choosing a broadband package, one with an average speed of 100Mbps would suit those who want to stream and watch HD or 4K videos. 

No, according to Ofcom data, the average broadband speed is not in the UK. Kingston upon Hull has an average broadband speed of 228.4 Mbps. The fastest average broadband speed in London was 163.8 megabits, recorded in Tower Hamlets.


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