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What cars are in car insurance group 20?

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Vehicles in the UK fall into one of 50 insurance groups that determine the cost of cover. More affordable and lower-risk cars slot into the lower groups, while high-performance and luxury models sit in the upper groups that bring pricier insurance premiums. Insurance group 20 contains family cars and executive saloons that balance practicality and performance.

What cars are in insurance group 20?

Example models in group 20 are as follows:

  • Vauxhall Corsa
  • Volkswagen Golf
  • Skoda Octavia
  • BMW 1-Series
  • Audi A4
  • Citroen C5
  • Ford Galaxy
  • Kia Sportage

These group 20 cars balance affordability and premium features. While more expensive to insure than smaller city cars, group 20 vehicles remain relatively affordable options for buyers wanting more space or performance versus very basic small hatchbacks.

Factors determining insurance group 20

Factor Description
Engine size Group 20 cars typically have 2.0-3.0-litre petrol or diesel engines. More powerful units increase costs.
Repair costs Replacement parts for group 20 models from mainstream brands such as Volkswagen and Ford are reasonably priced. However, luxury makes such as BMW and Audi have more expensive components.
Safety Group 20 cars come equipped with standard safety features such as front, side and curtain airbags; ABS brakes; rear parking sensors; rear-view cameras; lane departure warning systems and engine immobilisers. Having more advanced safety technologies installed can help lower insurance premiums by reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.
Performance With 0-60mph times around 6-8 seconds and top speeds of 130-140mph, group 20 cars have strong performance. This raises insurance costs compared to lower groups.
Theft appeal Family cars and executive saloons are moderately appealing targets for thieves. Sports cars and luxury SUVs are most at risk.
Driver profile Insurers see group 20 cars as suitable for families and business/executive motorists. Premiums are higher for young or inexperienced drivers.

Who are group 20 cars most suitable for?

Group 20 cars are most attractive for:

  • Families: Practicality and space for children and cargo make them a popular family car
  • Business users: Premium brands such as Audi and BMW offer executive styling and features
  • High-mileage drivers: Diesel engine variants provide excellent fuel economy for high annual mileage
  • Motorway driving: Comfortable cruising and lower noise make group 20 cars ideal for motorways
  • Used-car buyers: Those seeking value look to group 20 models that are one to three years old, which retain most of the amenities
  • Affluent motorists: Buyers appreciate the refined ride and upscale cabins group 20 vehicles provide over basic cars
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Which car insurance group am I in?

You can determine your vehicle’s insurance group by inputting the make, model and registration year into a free online insurance group checker tool.

Additionally, your insurance provider can verify your car’s specific group. This assists in evaluating premium quotes since vehicles in higher groups usually have more expensive insurance rates.

It’s vital to note that insurance groups are regularly re-examined and subject to change over time. Always confirm your car’s present group when renewing your policy to obtain accurate quotes.

In summary, group 20 vehicles present an optimal mix of practicality, performance and premium finishes for motorists wanting family-friendly transport with lower insurance costs than the more high-powered models.

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