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Compare Audi car insurance in the UK

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How much does it cost to insure an Audi?

Annual Audi car insurance premiums typically range from £750 for basic third-party policies up to £2,000 for comprehensive cover. Expect higher rates for performance models, such as RS vehicles, and lower premiums for A1 or A3 models.

Specific variables that increase Audi insurance rates include:

  • Engine size: Vehicles with larger engines have higher premiums
  • Performance versions: The S, RS and R8 models are more expensive to insure than standard editions
  • No-claims discount (NCD): Policies without NCDs have higher premiums. Multi-year NCDs provide savings
  • Driver age: Under-25s pay the most, while over-25s with experience pay less
  • Location: Urban areas are more expensive than rural spots. Parking also matters
  • Security: Discounts are offered for alarms, immobilisers and garaging
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What factors determine Audi insurance cost?

In calculating premiums, insurers mainly examine:

Driving record

Recent accidents, traffic violations and disqualifications raise rates substantially. A clean record lowers costs.

Vehicle use

Policies for daily-driver Audis cost more than those covering occasional recreational use. Mileage also impacts premiums.

Vehicle security

Insurers offer discounts for approved alarms, immobilisers, tracking devices and secure garaging. These deter theft.

Coverage limits

Lower coverage levels reduce premiums but leave drivers exposed if a major claim occurs. Finding the right balance is key.

Tips for reducing Audi insurance premiums

Here are some top ways to get cheaper Audi insurance in the UK:

  • Shop around extensively and compare quotes from multiple insurers
  • Ask about discounts for multi-car policies, low mileage, experienced drivers, advanced courses, etc.
  • Increase voluntary excess to £500+ to lower premiums if you can afford the extra costs when claiming
  • Add an experienced second driver, such as a partner or parent, to benefit from their good record
  • If possible, limit the Audi to recreational use rather than as a daily driver
  • Improve security with an approved alarm and tracking system. Also, ensure garaging
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Finding the best Audi insurance

The key to affordable Audi cover is shopping around, optimising risk factors and leveraging discounts. Taking the time to compare specialist Audi insurers on comparison sites yields the best savings.

Audi insurance FAQs

Audis typically span a wide range of groups from 10 to 50+ depending on model, engine and specifications. More powerful models sit in higher groups.

Audis have a reputation for being well built and dependable if maintained properly. But as premium models, maintenance costs are higher than average vehicles.

Yes, Audis tend to have higher residual values than competitors thanks to their prestige branding, quality interiors and performance.

Yes, Audi offers plug-in hybrid, hybrid and all-electric e-tron models, such as the A3 e-tron and e-tron SUV. More are planned.

The A1 hatchback and A3 saloon in lower trims tend to offer the most affordable options for Audi buyers. Used Audis can also provide value.

Increasing excess, limiting mileage, adding experienced drivers, improving security and comparison shopping help cut Audi insurance costs.

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