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Abode home security review: Smart systems put to the test

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Abode was founded in 2014 by a former ADT executive in San Francisco, and in 2020 expanded to the UK – which makes it one of the newest UK providers in the home security systems market. Abode offers just two systems currently and focuses more on customising its packages by allowing its customers to add on extra pieces of equipment. 

Its systems are sleek by design and can be DIY installed and don’t require a monthly plan, although there are two available plans – Standard and Pro.


60 second review

Rating: ★★★★


Abode is still a newcomer in the world of home security, having only expanded to the UK in 2020. Already it has disrupted traditional security systems with its two security packages – Smart Security Kit and the iota – both offering connection to up to 160 devices. 


Abode is a smart security system made for the modern world and offers homeowners a system with smart platform integrations with voice command availability. Its kits are aesthetically pleasing, both sleek and minimalistic. Packages are designed to be customised with HD 1080p camera, wireless doorbell, and motion sensors available.

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How does a smart home security system work?

Smart home security systems typically connect all of their components to a base station. This is then connected to a mobile application, allowing homeowners to monitor and control everything remotely. Most home security systems will use wifi, Bluetooth or cellular to connect to phones. Some systems will come with a battery backup in case of power outages. 

Once the base station has connected all of your components, you’ll have the option to alarm and disarm your system when you’re away from home. Abode and other smart security systems will give push notifications via their home security app when there has been any activity, as well as options to monitor live video footage.

Abode overview

  • Equipment cost: £294.99 to £384.99 
  • Monthly fee:  From £7.99
  • Power outage backup: Yes
  • Mobile phone backup: Yes
  • Live streaming: Yes
  • Push alerts: Yes
  • Remotely arm/disarm system: Yes
  • Voice assistants: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant 
  • Apps for: iOS and Android


Easy to install Monthly plans available at affordable prices Lots of smart platform integrations Can connect up to 160 devices 


Professional installation not included Doesn’t come with a control panel Packages include a few pieces of equipment

How does Abode compare?

Abode’s starter kit is easy to install and setup. (Abode)

Abode offers two home security packages – the Smart Security Kit and the iota. Compared to its competitors, the number of packages available doesn’t match up. Another thing to note: Abode’s packages come with fewer pieces of equipment than its competitors’ offerings, with homeowners advised to purchase add-ons. Its Smart Security Kit comes without a camera, so it’s not ideal for large homes or homeowners who may be away from home for long periods of time. 

However, the iota package comes with an in-built camera in the base station, as well as a motion sensor and two-way audio. Abode’s monthly plans start at a very reasonable price and its systems can be installed by homeowners themselves.

Product Equipment cost Monthly fee Power outage backup Mobile phone backup Live streaming Push alerts Remotely arm/disarm
Abode £294.99 to £384.99 From £7.99 5 hours
SimpliSafe £284.96 to £654.87 From £15.99
ADT Bespoke From £35.99 24 hours
Ring From £219.99 From £3.49 24 hours
Yale From £142.50 Free 8 hours No
Best alternative to
SimpliSafe offers a huge range of customisable home security systems to suit any size house. Homeowners can choose self or professional monitoring, with monthly prices starting at £15.99.
Excellent Trustpilot rating
Easy to install yourself
No long-term contracts
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How much does Abode home security cost?

Abode has two security packages, the Smart Security Kit and the iota, both of which are relatively small systems equipment-wise compared to other security systems we have reviewed. However, both systems can be customised by purchasing add-on pieces, which we will outline later. 

Both systems can be installed by homeowners and don’t require a monthly plan, as you can monitor them yourself through the Abode app. However, our researchers feel it’s beneficial to opt into Abode’s Standard or Pro plans – with the latter offering professional monitoring.

Equipment costs

Package name Price Gateway hub iota Key fob Motion sensor Mini window and door sensor Camera
Smart Security Kit £294.99 1 0 1 1 1 0
iota £384.99 0 1 1 In-built in iota hub 1 In-built in iota hub

With both of Abode’s home security packages, homeowners can choose to sign up for a monthly plan. The Standard plan allows homeowners to arm and disarm their system and receive push notifications, among other advantageous features. The Pro plan offers maximum protection, with 24/7 UK-accredited professional monitoring, which is ideal for larger homes or for homeowners who are away from home for extended periods of time.

Optional monthly subscriptions

Monthly plan name Price Features
Standard Plan £7.99 One-touch arm and disarm, push notification alerts, Apple HomeKit, smart home integrations, camera pairing functionality, unlimited users, email notifications, customisable notifications, timeline, home automation, geofencing, seven-day video storage
Pro Plan £13.99 4G backup connectivity, one-touch arm and disarm, push notification alerts, Apple HomeKit, smart home integrations, camera pairing functionality, unlimited users, email notifications, customisable notifications, timeline, home automation, geofencing, 10-day video storage, 24/7 UK accredited professional monitoring, home insurance discount, access to exclusive deals and discounts
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Equipment overview


The iota comes with the iota home security kit and includes a built-in HD camera, motion sensor, 93db siren and two-way voice. The iota can be placed wherever suits your home best since its wifi connectivity allows you to take advantage of its features anywhere in your home. It can also be connected to the Abode app and controlled using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as be connected to up to 160 partner devices. 

iota key features:

  • Video: iota’s camera records in 1080p HD and has a field of view of 127 degrees
  • Night vision: Infrared night vision allows you to see who is in view of the camera at night time 
  • Audio: The iota has two-way audio, which means you can speak to whoever you’re recording 
The iota hub has capacity for a number of devices, so your system can be expanded and added to as required. (Abode)

Gateway hub 

The Gateway is part of Abode’s Smart Security Kit. It’s the hub of your system and comes with a built-in 93db siren. The Gateway can be connected to up to 160 partner devices, from additional security devices to smart light bulbs and voice assistants. 

Mini door and window sensor 

The mini door and window sensor comes with both the iota and Smart Security Kit. It’s completely wireless and has a battery life of up to four years and can be attached to any windows and doors in your home. Once attached, you can pair it with your Gateway so you can receive mobile alerts anytime your doors and windows are opened and closed. 

Key fob 

Adding the key fob to your Abode home security package is a good idea if you’d like control of your system as you come and go. The key fob allows you to remotely arm and disarm your security system, and it works up to 100 feet from the Gateway. Key fobs can be assigned to specific household members, and you can also give temporary access to outside members. As an added layer of protection, the fourth button on the key fob can be turned into a panic button, which when pressed will alert Abode’s monitoring centre without sounding your alarm. 

Motion sensor

The motion sensor has a 110-degree field of view and 35ft of detection range. The sensor detects body heat, so no movement goes undetected – unfortunately, this means your pets could set off the motion sensor. Adobe suggests placing your sensor upside down, as this way it will only pick up movement above a certain height. 

Multi sensor 

This sensor has the ability to sense motion, light, temperature and humidity. It has a motion detection range of 120 degrees and a battery life of four years. It’s completely wireless and can be used to trigger your alarm or for smart home purposes, such as turning on and off smart light bulbs.  

Abode Cam 

The Abode Cam automatically captures HD video and has two-way audio. Footage from your camera can be viewed via the Abode app, and it comes integrated with a low-light vision camera. 

Wireless video doorbell 

The wireless doorbell gives you a real-time view of your front porch at any time of the day. It’s battery-operated and chimes at the touch of a button. It’s wifi enabled and its rechargeable batteries run for six months.

Get two-way communication and real-time footage of your door via your phone with the doorbell. (Adobe)

What do customers say?

Abode receives mixed reviews and has a 3.3-star rating on Trustpilot, with 2,825 reviews – 56 per cent of them being five-star rated.  

On Amazon, Abode receives four stars for its home security products, which is a great rating, however, there were not many reviews available and quite a lot of those reviews highlighted compatibility issues.


“When we were deciding on what we needed for our house, the person assisting us was not pushy at all. He educated us on everything but ultimately let us decide on what we needed. When the items came, it was easy to install by ourselves and we love that we can personalise the monitoring to our needs based on when we need it.”


“The camera connection process sucks! There’s no way to get into the camera to see if it’s connected or to see why [if it’s not]. After over a month of working with customer service, it still won’t connect. [I] even tried two new cameras. [I’m] still working with customer service, but they want me to troubleshoot their issues. Ridiculous! The only reason I give it two stars is [because] their door sensor system works. Don’t sell me a camera that doesn’t work!”

“Pros: easy self-installation, no monthly fee for basic service but options are there for active monitoring, loud alarm Cons: I’ve had the system for about a week, and the service has gone offline twice already. This isn’t something from my end like power/internet being down. This is on their cloud network. No access to the system when their “gateway” is down. What good is a security system if it’s constantly offline? Disappointing service.”

App overview

Abode home security app CUE menu
The Abode app allows you to set up home security automations using its CUE system (Abode)

The Abode app is downloadable through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The app gives homeowners the ability to monitor and control their home security system from their phone or tablet. If your Abode system includes a camera, you’ll be able to view live footage, control up to 160 devices in your home, create up to 100 CUE (custom engine) home automations, add user accounts and receive notifications. 

To give you access to all available features, you will need to opt into one of Abode’s monthly plans; without it, your control is limited. For example, without a monthly plan, if there is an activity in your home, you will receive a notification but it won’t be specific.

Abode’s home security packages

Abode offers two different home security packages – the Smart Security Kit and the iota. Both offer a good level of security, but have fewer equipment pieces than other home security packages we have reviewed. 

The packages come fully smart-home integrated and can be connected to up to 160 partner devices, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Phillips Hue light bulbs. Both packages have options to opt in to a monthly plan, which will give you full control over your security system via the Abode app. 

While its kits are quite basic, there are plenty of options to add extra pieces of equipment, such as the Abode Cam, multi-sensor and keypad.

Smart Security Kit

Abode Smart Security Kit home security devices on a grey background
The Abode Smart Security Kit has the essential equipment needed to get started with home security (Abode)
  • What you get: 1 Gateway hub,  1 motion sensor, 1 key fob, 1 mini door and window sensor 
  • Upfront cost: £294.99
  • Monthly fee: From £7.99 to £13.99

The Smart Security Kit is reasonably priced and comes with all the essentials you need to protect your home. The kits come with the Gateway hub, one motion sensor, a key fob and one door and window sensor. 

The black-and-white-coloured Gateway hub is compact but comes with handy features such as an alarm signal for when an alarm has been triggered, as well as a LAN port, a SIM card slot, a power connector and a battery back-up. 

Up to 160 partner devices can be connected to the Gateway, which includes voice assistants and additional security devices (including some third-party options). One of the best things about Abode’s security packages is how well it connects to all other smart devices in your home. The Gateway is integrated with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Nest, Phillips Hue light bulbs, Yale, LifX, ecobee, FirstAlert, Z-Wave and IFTTT. This gives you options to control your smart security system from multiple devices, as well as set up Phillips smart light bulbs to power on when you enter your home. 

The Smart Security Kit also comes with a motion sensor and door and window sensor, which allow you to monitor your home through Abode’s app. Once these devices have been paired with the Gateway, you can control and monitor them via the app. 

One downside to Abode’s Smart Security Kit is that there is no camera included. Without this piece of equipment, there’s no way of knowing who triggered the alarms. However, you can add on the Abode Cam, as well as a wireless video doorbell – both of which can be purchased at the same time as your package or added at a later date and installed yourself. 

The Smart Security Kit can be installed by homeowners and there’s an option for two different monitoring plans – Standard or Pro – or you can choose not to subscribe and have limited controls through the app. The Standard plan gives you access to arm and disarm your system as well as push alerts via the app, among other features, but only the Pro plan includes professional monitoring.

Package score

Reputation ★★★½
Security and performance ★★
Features ★★★★½
Plans and pricing ★★★★
Customer experience ★★★½
Overall ★★★★


Abode iota home security kit on a grey background
Abode’s iota home security hub comes with a built-in 1080p camera (Abode)
  • What you get: 1 iota hub, 1 key fob, 1 mini door and window sensor 
  • Upfront cost: £384.99
  • Monthly fee:  From £7.99 to £13.99

Abode’s iota security system is compact and sleek by design. It comes with a built-in HD camera with 1080p video that has a field of view of 127 degrees. The iota hub can be placed anywhere in your home and connects via wifi to your smartphone for you to view video footage on the Abode app. 

The iota hub also has night vision, ensuring you can keep track of intruders at all times of the day. Another feature of the iota is its two-way audio, which gives you the ability to speak to whoever is within view of your camera. 

The mini door and window sensor can be placed wherever suits your home best and it can be paired with your iota hub to receive mobile alerts of when your doors and windows are opened and closed. You can also purchase more of these sensors to be placed around your home, which will give you additional security. 

One of the best features of iota is its smart platform integration. It’s integrated with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Nest, Phillips Hue light bulbs, Yale, LifX, ecobee, FirstAlert, Z-Wave and IFTTT. This gives users the functions to connect it to voice command and smart home systems. The iota also has functions to connect to your smart light bulbs, so you can programme them to turn on when you enter your home. 

Another piece of useful equipment that comes with this package is the key fob – which allows you to remotely arm and disarm your security system from up to 100ft away. The fourth button on your fob can act as a panic button, which will alert Abode’s monitoring centre without sounding your alarm. 

Although the iota package does come with useful pieces of equipment, you may want to purchase add-ons for additional security. The iota has a built-in motion sensor, but this won’t cover all of your home, so for larger homes you can add on motion sensors or multi-sensors in every room.

The iota can be installed by homeowners very easily. There are two different plans available for monitoring – Standard and Pro. Both plans give you full control over your home security system, but only the latter comes with professional monitoring.

Package score

Reputation ★★★½
Security and performance ★★★
Features ★★★★½
Plans and pricing ★★★★
Customer experience ★★★½
Overall ★★★★

Independent Advisor’s verdict

Abode offers just two different home security packages – the Smart Security Kit and the iota. Although both of its packages are reasonably priced, very few equipment pieces are included as standard, and there is no camera included in the Smart Security Kit. Even though there are lots of pieces of equipment available as add-ons and this allows homeowners to customise their kit, this inevitably will increase costs, potentially beyond some of the base kits offered by competitors. 


One of the best features of Abode’s systems is the ability to connect to up to 160 devices, including smart light bulbs, additional home security devices, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Its products are a great choice for homeowners who are looking for a modern home security system that will seamlessly connect all of their devices in one hub. 


Its monthly plans also give you the option to self-monitor or pay for professional monitoring. 


It really depends on your home’s specific needs, but if you’re looking for a home security kit with lots of pieces of equipment that a larger home requires, Abode might not be for you. However, if you’re willing to pay a little extra to customise your package and opt in to a monthly plan with professional monitoring, Abode is a great option that comes fully smart-platform integrated. 

Overall score breakdown

Reputation ★★★½
Security and performance ★★½
Features ★★★★½
Plans and pricing ★★★★
Customer experience ★★★½
Overall ★★★★
Our top three recommended providers

Abode home security Q&A

Yes, you can use an Abode security system without paying monthly fees. Without a paid monthly plan, you will still receive push notifications via the Abode mobile app and full use of smart platform integrations.

Yes, Abode security systems can be installed by homeowners. Abode says its systems can be installed in under 30 minutes, and the mobile app will guide you through the process. However, you can request professional installation if you wish for an additional fee.


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