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Blink home security review

Verified by Molly Dyson

Blink has established a firm foothold in the home security system industry; founded in 2009 by Immedia Semiconductor Inc, the company originally grew from a 2014 Kickstarter to fund its first indoor security camera.

Subsequently, Blink expanded its product line-up, releasing a video doorbell and outdoor security camera in three years. Following its acquisition by Amazon in 2017, the company further developed the product line, introducing the Blink Mini indoor security camera and various accessories, including floodlights and solar panels, cementing its position in the home security and smart home market.

Smart home security systems like Blink’s provide a high level of security and protection, with products like outdoor cameras and video doorbells offering easy monitoring of access points, which can help to deter crime and enable rapid response from emergency services. Moreover, features like night vision, motion alerts and video recording offer homeowners more ways to surveil their property from a remote location, offering peace of mind when you are away at work or on holiday. 

Our team of experts have researched and analysed Blink’s smart home security products to offer insight and recommendations on the best setup for your home, and what to consider when delving into the smart home security world.


60-second review

Rating: ★★★★


Blink is a reliable and user-friendly home security brand that offers a wide range of products at an affordable price point. Devices include indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, video doorbells and accessories such as solar panels and floodlights, all of which can be controlled via the Blink app or Blink Sync Module 2 hub. 


With a focus on DIY installation and affordability, Ring offers a simple solution for those on a budget or in rented accommodation who want to improve their home security. 


Our experts have reviewed Blink’s products and found them to be consistent and well-developed. However, the lack of dedicated home security systems does require users to build their system from scratch, which is ideal for those with specific needs, but may be too overwhelming for those just starting in the home security space.

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How we test smart home security systems

hours of research
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customer reviews read

Our experts have researched and tested dozens of home security systems in order to provide fair, impartial and accurate recommendations. We compare products, features, quality and cost alongside what others in the industry say and how customers have also reviewed their experiences.

Our Blink review score was determined by the following categories:

  • Reputation and credibility
  • Security and performance
  • Features
  • Plans and pricing value
  • Customer experience

We examine 35 elements within these categories including:

  • Monitoring services and contract types
  • Data backup and storage
  • Warranties
  • Flexibility/customisation in bundles
  • Quality (image, sound, product)
  • Installation

All of our home security articles are verified by our in-house team of fact-checkers, to give consumers the knowledge they need to make an informed, up-to-date and confident decision. For more information, read our article on how we review home security systems.

How does a smart home security system work?

Smart home security systems have gained traction since their conception; what used to be an expensive luxury that required professional installation, smart home security systems are now DIY friendly and convenient, offering an added layer of protection for homeowners. 

Advancements in technology allow smart home security systems to connect with smartphones, tablets and computers, which offers remote access, control and surveillance of smart home security devices. The flexibility of modern products provides more convenience than traditional security systems and more protection, with the ability to check in on your property from anywhere in the world. Increased connectivity allows compatibility with popular voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant/Google Home and Apple HomeKit, creating a helpful and practical ecosystem for homeowners. 

Blink, like many of its competitors, offers live streaming from devices, real-time push notifications and local or cloud storage, giving homeowners more insight into who is in their home and the ability to respond to an emergency quickly. Advanced features such as high-definition video, night vision and motion detection further boost security and accessibility, offering users a comprehensive and secure experience. 

Compared to a traditional home security system, Blink offers more user control, with the ability to check camera footage and add or remove devices when needed. Settings can be adjusted and bespoke activity zones created via the dedicated app, which is more flexible than traditional alarm systems, which usually come with a fixed set of features and limited personalisation.

  • Equipment cost: Prices range from £29.99 for compact indoor security cameras, £69.99 for wireless indoor security cameras, £89.99 for wireless outdoor security cameras, £59.99 for video doorbell cameras, up to £124.98 for floodlight cameras 
  • Monthly fee: £2.50 for Blink Basic plan (one device) and £8 Blink Plus (unlimited devices) 
  • Power outage backup: Yes, rechargeable battery or solar power 
  • Mobile phone backup: Yes, via the cloud 
  • Live streaming: Yes, with select plans 
  • Push alerts: Yes, via the app
  • Remotely arm/disarm system: Yes, via the app
  • Voice assistants: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit (with limited functionality)
  • Apps for: iOS, Android and Fire devices

Compared with SimpliSafe, Ring, ADT and Verisure, Ring offers the most affordable subscription charge with no contract, while ADT and Verisure require a minimum monthly commitment – the former being 36 months and the latter six months.  

Blink does not offer traditional smart home security packages in the same way as its competitors – users are instead encouraged to create bespoke bundles that will suit their needs, although some packages can be purchased together.

Key feature ↓ Blink SimpliSafe Ring ADT Verisure
Minimum equipment cost (without installation) £89.98 £249.96 £219.99 £199 £300
Starting monthly fee £2.50/month per device – optional and no contract Roughly £15.90/month (53p/day) – optional and no contract £3.49/month per device – optional and no contract £35.99 (36 months minimum) £32/month (6 months minimum)
Power outage backup Yes, via batteries or solar panel 24-hour backup battery 24-hour battery backup Checked daily by ADT Backup battery and 48 hours of backup in central unit
Mobile phone backup Yes, with cloud storage subscription 4G data backup Yes, cloud storage with subscription Cloud storage Cloud storage
Live streaming Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Push alerts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remotely arm/disarm system Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Unlike other home security brands, Blink does not offer comprehensive smart home security bundles. Instead, you can create bespoke packages and integrate additional products when needed, making Blink better suited for those who have specific security needs. 

Since Blink does not offer packages, the price of Blink home security can vary significantly, as you are free to pair the products you need most. Blink regularly runs discounts on individual products and smaller packages, too.  

This solution will work best for those on a budget, or who are looking for individual components. If you’re looking for an all-encompassing home security solution, consider looking into SimpliSafe, Ring, ADT and Verisure, which all offer home security packages that cover broader user requirements.

Equipment costs

Product name Cost
Blink Indoor £69.99
Blink Mini £29.99
Blink Mini Pan-Tilt (without Blink Mini) £24.99
Blink Outdoor £89.99
Blink Solar Panel Mount (without Blink Outdoor) £34.99
Blink Floodlight Mount (without Blink Outdoor) £34.99
Blink Video Doorbell £59.99
Blink Sync Module 2 £29.99

Optional monthly costs

Blink offers two paid subscription plans – Blink Basic and Blink Plus – on top of its standard free coverage.

Monthly plan Features Price
Standard (free) plan One year limited warranty; motion-activated notifications; live view streaming up to five minutes; motion detection video recording available with Sync Module 2 and USB storage; hassle-free cancellation Free
Blink Basic One year limited warranty; motion-activated notifications; live view streaming; motion detection video recording; auto local storage backup; live view recording; 30-day video history; rapid video access (watch videos as soon as they are recorded); video sharing; photo capture; hassle-free cancellation £2.50/month or £24.99/year for each device
Blink Plus Live view streaming; motion detection video recording; auto local storage backup; live view recording; 30-day video history; rapid video access; video sharing; photo capture; 10% off Blink devices/accessories on Amazon; hassle-free cancellation £8/month or £80/year for unlimited devices
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Equipment overview

All Blink products come with the components needed to install the device yourself. A majority of the products are battery powered and DIY friendly, with additional accessories, such as solar power or floodlights, also being easy to install. 

Our experts have broken down Blink’s catalogue to give you an overview of each piece of equipment. 

Blink Sync Module 2

Blink Sync Module 2
The Blink Sync Module 2 acts as the hub for your entire home security system (Blink)

The Sync Module 2 is the home security network hub, connecting all your Blink devices under one umbrella. It requires constant power from a power outlet and a stable wifi connection. It is also needed to control certain Blink products. 

Blink Indoor

Blink Indoor
Blink Indoor can be used to monitor inside areas, such as your entry hall or living room (Blink)

Boasting a powerful two-year battery life, the Blink Indoor security camera offers Full HD video capture and a 110-degree field of view. It can be surface or wall-mounted, works with Amazon Alexa and comes with two-way audio, as well as motion detection alerts. 

Blink Mini

Blink Mini camera
The Blink Mini is great for keeping an eye on your pets while you’re at work (Blink)

The Blink Mini is the only wired camera from the company. The HD camera utilises night vision, with motion detection and two-way audio present, allowing you to check in with your pets or family members. 

Blink Mini Pan-Tilt

Blink Mini Pan-Tilt
The Blink Mini Pan-Tilt offers a fuller view of a room through its pan and tilt functions (Blink)

The Mini Pan-Tilt can be purchased with or without the Blink Mini indoor camera, but only works with that model. It offers 360-degree coverage of a room, with video clips being viewable on your smartphone, tablet or compatible Alexa device. It has a 110-degree diagonal view, 350-degree pan range and 125-degree tilt range, which can be adjusted via the Blink app. 

Blink Outdoor

Blink home security review outdoor camera
The Blink Outdoor features a weather-resistant case to protect it from harsh elements (Blink)

Designed to monitor the outside of your home, the Blink Outdoor security camera comes with Full HD video capture with a 110-degree field of view. It runs up to two years on two AA batteries and is DIY friendly, with no professional installation required. Two-way talk and customised motion detection zones are present, alongside infrared night vision.  

Blink Solar Panel Mount

Blink Outdoor solar panel mount
The solar panel mount means you won’t have to remember to change your Blink Outdoor’s batteries as often (Blink)

The Blink Solar Panel Mount works in conjunction with the Blink Outdoor security camera, offering an additional power source. No drilling or screws are required, with the option to attach it directly to the camera module or mount it nearby (within 60cm). 

Blink Floodlight Mount

Blink Floodlight mount
The ultra-bright lights on the floodlight mount act as a deterrent to potential intruders (Blink)

Compatible with the Blink Outdoor security camera, the Floodlight Mount is a battery-operated floodlight that offers up to 700 lumens (lm) of motion-triggered LED light. It can be installed via a hook on vinyl cladding but will require drilling on other surfaces. 

Blink Video Doorbell

Blink Video Doorbell
The Blink Video Doorbell features two-way talk so you can communicate with anyone at your door, even when you’re away from home (Blink)

The Blink Video Doorbell can be installed as a wired or wireless security camera, with the latter not offering an audible chime, unless paired with the Blink Mini. Both variations require two AA batteries to function – since the wired model only connects to your chime system – with the required mounting and screw kit included in the box. 

Full HD day and night vision are supported, alongside two-way talk, motion detection and smart integration with Amazon Alexa. Using wifi connectivity, custom alert notifications are sent to your smartphone, tablet or compatible Amazon Alexa device.

What do customers say?

Blink UK customers have given the company a low 1.2 stars out of five on Trustpilot, slightly lower than the 1.6 star rating from the US. 

The negative reviews mention the lack of information regarding product compatibility, issues with the mobile app and poor customer service. Positive feedback, on the other hand, focuses on helpful customer service, impressive picture clarity and app functionality. 

It is important to note that Blink is owned by Amazon, with a majority of customers leaving reviews on that platform, with just 298 reviews on Trustpilot. More than 128,000 customers submitted reviews on Amazon, with a majority leaving four stars or above.


Customer reviews

“Great value for money, easy [to] set up. [The] sync module stores all clips.”


“I have three blink cameras – one outdoor with floodlights and two indoor. When I first installed them they worked really well, but as soon as the trial period finished, and I started paying £8 a month I started getting a message saying Authentication Failed. I contacted customer service and was told to delete the app and reinstall it. I did this and [I am] still having the same problem with no help from the so-called experts.”


“I recently purchased the Blink Video Doorbell, and I am thoroughly impressed with its features and performance. One of its standout qualities is its exceptional picture quality. The high-resolution video feed provides crystal-clear images, allowing me to see every detail, even in low-light conditions.”


“The actual chime noise comes from the bell unless you have indoor cameras to nominate as a speaker. No aftermarket speakers are supported apart from [Alexa]. [I] bought [it] to pair with a Blink home security system and it proved to be pointless. [The] camera is fine but the chime is just a stupid design flaw.”

App overview

Blink home security system app
The Blink app allows you to view live footage from your system’s cameras (Blink)

Blink’s mobile app is compatible with iOS, Android and Fire devices. The user interface is easy to navigate and allows you to access, monitor and manage your devices remotely. 

Blink’s app is designed to offer customised control over your home security, including:

  • Voice control: Control your Blink devices with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Live view: View live video capture from your doorbells and cameras
    Motion alerts: Receive instant notifications when a compatible device detects motion
  • Two-way talk: Communicate with people or pets in your home using the built-in microphones and speakers
  • Video history: Share, review and save recorded videos when using the Blink Basic or Blink Plus subscription plan
  • Modes: Set and schedule Armed and Disarmed modes to control cameras

Since Blink doesn’t offer all-encompassing home security packages, our team of experts have assembled the best recommended home security bundles you can create. We’ve considered the use circumstances and budgets of three typical homeowner scenarios and created packages that we feel best meet those requirements.

  • What you get:
    • 1x Blink Sync Module 2
    • 1x Blink Indoor
    • 1x Blink Outdoor
    • 1x Blink Video Doorbell
  • Upfront cost: £249.96
  • Monthly fee: £2.50 per device for Blink Basic (£7.50 total), or £8 for Blink Plus (optional)

This package was curated for the average UK household. A family with young children whose house may be empty during the day, due to work or school commitments, will likely find a video doorbell and outdoor security camera useful; not only can it track who has been in and out of the house, but it adds an extra layer of security and can help deter doorstep crimes. 

We recommend pairing any Blink smart home security package with the Blink Sync Module 2, which offers control from a central hub and can store video clips locally when a recognised USB is inserted. 

The entryway or lounge is the ideal placement for the indoor security camera; the former can capture intruders or residents entering the front door, with the former offering a simple way to monitor pets while you’re away from home. Depending on the size of the home, multiple Blink Indoor cameras may be useful, especially if you want to surveil what is happening on the second floor. 

The Blink Outdoor camera should capture a driveway or pathway to the main entrance and can be paired with a Blink Solar Panel Mount if you don’t want to rely on battery power. It could also be placed at the rear of the house if you want to monitor alternative access routes. 

This package offers comprehensive cover for an average UK property and is reasonably priced. More devices can be added if necessary, but this setup will provide coverage of the main entrance points and high-traffic areas within the home.

Package score

Reputation ★★½
Security and performance ★★★½
Features ★★★★
Plans and pricing ★★★★
Customer experience ★★★½
Overall ★★★★
  • What you get:
    • 1x Blink Sync Module 2
    • 1x Blink Indoor
    • 1x Blink Video Doorbell
  • Upfront cost: £157.97
  • Monthly fee: £2.50 per device for Blink Basic (£5 total), or £8 for Blink Plus (optional)

Smaller properties or flats will not require the same level of protection to ensure peace of mind. 

The low price point and simple installation of these products make them ideal for those on a budget or who are in rented accommodation, although you will want to consider pairing the Blink Video Doorbell with a compatible no-drill mount for simple removal. 

The video doorbell and indoor security camera will allow for motion alerts for high-traffic areas and the main entry point. For added security, we recommend combining this package with Blink’s Basic or Plus subscription, which allows for live view recording and 30-day cloud storage.

Package score

Reputation ★★½
Security and performance ★★★½
Features ★★★★
Plans and pricing ★★★★½
Customer experience ★★★½
Overall ★★★★
  • What you get:
    • 1x Blink Sync Module 2
    • 1x Blink Mini
    • 1x Blink Indoor
    • 2x Blink Outdoor
    • 1x Blink Floodlight Mount
  • Upfront cost: £404.84 
  • Monthly fee: £2.50 per device for Blink Basic (£7.50 total), or £8 for Blink Plus (optional)

If you live in a larger residence, you will want to consider installing more home security cameras to ensure a high level of security. The two outdoor security cameras can be used to monitor both the front and rear of your property, with the addition of the floodlight allowing for higher visibility at night time. The two indoor cameras can be installed at points of entry or in common areas, like the lounge or hallways, so you know who has been walking through the house at any given time. 

Although this is the most expensive recommended package from Blink, it will provide the highest level of protection and is more affordable than competitor packages catering to large homes. It’s also important to note that Amazon regularly runs discounts on its Blink products, so you may find that the overall initial outlay is lower than we have quoted.

Package score

Reputation ★★½
Security and performance ★★★½
Features ★★★★
Plans and pricing ★★★★
Customer experience ★★★½
Overall ★★★★

Independent Advisor’s verdict

Blink offers a simple solution to home security systems; while you cannot purchase pre-existing packages, the ability to create your own custom home security system offers a lot of flexibility in terms of budget, user needs and residence. Devices can be easily integrated into the Blink system and compatibility with Amazon Alexa allows for further connectivity with other smart home devices. 


Blink Basic and Blink Plus subscription plans offer additional features, including cloud storage, detection recording and rapid video access, as well as a 10 per cent discount on Blink devices. The hassle-free cancellation is also ideal for renters, who may not be able to commit to a lengthy contract period.  


The dedicated Blink app allows users to control their devices from anywhere in the world, use the two-way talk feature and schedule Armed and Disarmed modes remotely. 


Blink does have a widely negative reputation on Trustpilot, however, customer testimonials from Amazon are more favourable, with many customers choosing to leave five-star reviews. We believe this is due to Blink being an Amazon-owned company, resulting in more customers leaving reviews on the platform they used to purchase their products. 


Overall, Blink offers easy-to-install devices that are discrete and affordable, making them ideal for most homeowners. However, since Blink does not produce certain home security devices – such as smart locks or motion sensors – they may not offer a comprehensive enough service for those looking for the highest level of security.

Overall score breakdown

Reputation ★★½
Security and performance ★★★½
Features ★★★★
Plans and pricing ★★★★½
Customer experience ★★★½
Overall ★★★★
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