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Eufy home security review: Smart systems and packages compared

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Eufy is a home electronics company owned by Anker. While the company first became known for its smart vacuum cleaners, it then expanded into the home security realm in 2018, and its wide array of products is now available around the world.
Eufy only has one full home security system package, but there are various pieces of security equipment that can be purchased separately to build a system that suits your home.


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Eufy is still relatively new to the home security market and currently offers just one home security package, with options to purchase additional pieces. Unlike most other providers, Eufy doesn’t offer a monthly professional monitoring plan, but customers can monitor their home security system with the home security app.


The company receives good customer reviews and its home security package is reasonably priced. All pieces of equipment can be installed by homeowners and provide a good level of security for small and medium homes. Larger homes may wish to purchase additional pieces of security equipment.

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How does a smart home security system work?

Smart home security systems are connected to the internet, allowing the homeowner to view live footage from a mobile app. This type of system usually includes a high-resolution camera, whereas traditional security systems rely mostly on infrared image formation and detection. Smart home security systems will usually use a hub to connect cameras, motion sensors and other pieces of equipment. The ability to arm, disarm and monitor your home alarm remotely at any time, using your smartphone, is one of the main benefits of installing a smart home security system. Traditional home security systems can only be professionally monitored, which might not fit your budget or lifestyle.

Eufy overview

  • Equipment cost: Prices range from £24.99 for motion sensors, £52.99 for an indoor camera, up to £159 for the five-piece Home Alarm Kit
  • Monthly fee:  N/A
  • Power outage backup: Yes, battery
  • Mobile phone backup: No
  • Live streaming: Yes
  • Push alerts: Yes, via the app
  • Remotely arm/disarm system: Yes, via the app
  • Voice assistants: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant 
  • Apps for: iOS and Android devices


Can be installed DIY Good customer reviews


No professional monitoring Only one home security package is available Home Alarm package only suitable for small and medium-sized homes

How does Eufy home security compare?

Compared with other providers, Eufy offers a limited home security package, both by way of equipment pieces and their range of home security kits. Eufy offers just one home security kit, whereas companies offer more, for instance, SimpliSafe offers eight. 

Eufy also doesn’t offer a monthly professional monitoring plan, and customers will have to self-monitor. Other home security companies such as Abode, ADT and Ring all offer some form of professional monitoring for a monthly fee. 

ProductEquipment costMonthly feePower outage backupMobile phone backupLive streamingPush alertsRemotely arm/disarm
AbodeFrom £294.99From £7.995 hours
SimpliSafeFrom £284.96From £15.99
ADTBespokeFrom £35.9924 hours
RingFrom £219.99From £3.4924 hours
YaleFrom £220.99N/A8 hoursNo
Best alternative to
SimpliSafe offers a huge range of customisable home security systems to suit any size house. Homeowners can choose self or professional monitoring, with monthly prices starting at £15.99.
Excellent Trustpilot rating
Easy to install yourself
No long-term contracts
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How much does Eufy home security cost?

Eufy offers just one home security package, the 5-Piece Home Alarm Kit, so, unlike other companies, there is not a range of price points. However, Eufy’s home security is reasonably priced and, when compared to others on the market, is good value for money. Homeowners looking to customise their Eufy home security should be aware that other pieces of equipment offered are rather expensive, for instance, the video doorbell is £159.99. 

There’s no added monthly fee for additional features in Eufy’s home security package and there is no professional monitoring plan available.

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Equipment overview

Package namePackage priceEquipment
5-Piece Home Alarm Kit£1591 x Motion sensor, 2 x Entry sensor, 1 x Keypad, 1 x HomeBase 2


The HomeBase securely connects all of the Eufy home equipment pieces to the internet via an ethernet cable connected to your home’s router. This is how the different components of your home alarm system communicate with each other and most of Eufy’s home security equipment pieces must be connected via the HomeBase in order to function. The HomeBase2 needs to be plugged in and ideally be placed downstairs, but Eufy cameras will still work from up to 30 feet away from the HomeBase. The upgraded HomeBase 3 allows for facial recognition and human, vehicle and pet detection.  


Eufy’s keypad takes just a few minutes to install, as there are no drills involved, and its built-in battery gives you 180 days of protection before needing to be recharged – ideal for homeowners who might be away from home for extended periods of time. Arm and disarm your Eufy home security system by keying in your password – the keypad requires Eufy’s HomeBase, which is included in the Home Alarm Kit or alongside any add-on cameras or video doorbells. The keypad is customisable via the Eufy home security app, allowing personalised security modes. Also from the app, users can arm and disarm their security system.

Motion sensor

The motion sensor is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for any home security system. Eufy’s motion sensor’s battery provides up to two years of power before requiring a recharge. Its wide coverage detects motion within a 100-degree field of view and up to 9m away – covering an average-sized room. The motion sensor only works when connected to Eufy’s HomeBase (included in the Home Alarm Kit), and it can be paired with Eufy’s app to notify you as soon as motion is detected. Eufy’s motion sensor is pet-friendly too, so your cat or dog is less likely to accidentally trigger the sensor.

Entry sensor 

An entry sensor’s primary function is to notify homeowners of a break-in through a window or door. If a forced entry is detected a loud 100dB siren will be triggered on the HomeBase and users will receive a notification on the Eufy app. The sensors are small and compact in design, will fit on any door or window and its CR-123A battery provides up to two years of power. 

Video doorbells

Eufy’s video doorbells can be purchased as hard-wired or battery-powered (with a three- to six-month battery life). The S330 model (pictured above) has a 2k camera and two-way audio, which allows homeowners to communicate with visitors or delivery people. The video doorbells also have motion-activated event recording and 16GB of local storage that should last up to 90 days.  

Indoor cameras

Eufy’s S350 indoor camera can see 4K detail, but other models offer 2k and under. They all come with night vision using infrared LEDs and feature facial recognition, human, vehicle and pet detection. 

Floodlight cameras

The S330 floodlight camera (pictured) has a 360 degree pan and tilt coverage. This floodlight comes with three tunable light panels, which can adjust the spotlight’s colour temperature and brightness, based on sunrise and sunset. All models benefit from live-stream and recorded footage in 2K quality. Its AI tracking recognises when a person is present and can lock, track and record the subject.

What do customers say?

Eufy receives mixed customer responses, scoring 3.9 out of five stars on Trustpilot from over 6,300 reviews. 

On Amazon, Eufy has been awarded 4.3 out of five stars and many customers applauded the company for its easy-to-use app and wireless equipment.


“Great customer service, website was informative and easy to use. I got a discount by using a referral link sent to me by one of my friends, who had purchased Eufy security equipment some time ago. Items came beautifully packaged and were in perfect condition when opened. The system was incredibly easy to install and set up, I had it all up and running in under an hour. I have been using the system for a month now and it works so well, no false detections whatsoever. I will be adding to my Eufy system by adding a video doorbell shortly.”


“I love these cameras, I bought the wireless home security system because it’s completely wireless. The app is super easy to use, although I’m going through the period of motion detection adjustment – as everyone will. I’ve locked it onto my Google Assistant on my smart TV and just say, “Show me the garden” and, boom, there we go, it takes about 20 seconds to load. I also purchased an add-on camera, which is super easy to add, literally just press “add device” and can’t really get it wrong. All in all, three cameras took around 10 minutes to fully set up (without fitting), which includes downloading the app on my iPhone, and the cameras had their firmware updated. I genuinely don’t think it gets much better than that!”

App overview

Eufy’s home security app is downloadable via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. With Eufy’s Home Alarm Kit, homeowners must download the security app in order to monitor their system and receive alerts since there is no professional monitoring available. 

With Eufy’s home security app, you can:

  • Arm and disarm your home security system
  • Customise security modes 
  • Set schedules using geofencing
  • Link multiple devices
  • Receive instant notifications 
  • View video footage

Eufy’s home security package

When it comes to home security packages, Eufy only offers one – the 5-Piece Home Alarm Kit. The kit allows for a moderate level of security but is by no means comprehensive and there are standard pieces of equipment not included, such as an indoor or outdoor camera. 

However, Eufy’s package, although compact, comes with sensors that detect break-ins and movement inside the home. For more comprehensive coverage, Eufy has a range of video doorbells and security cameras to purchase separately on its website. 

5-Piece Home Alarm Kit: Best for small- and medium-sized homes

Eufy’s 5-piece kit has the essential pieces for a home security system, and can be customised with add-on accessories (Eufy)
  • What you get: 
    • 1x HomeBase 2
    • 1x Keypad
    • 1x Motion sensor 
    • 2x Entry sensors 
  • Upfront cost: £159
  • Monthly fee: N/A

Eufy’s 5-Piece Home Alarm Kit doesn’t offer much in terms of equipment, but its price tag reflects this, when compared with other home security packages that we’ve reviewed. Eufy states that its package is ideal for small, medium and large homes but, based on our research, larger homes may benefit from purchasing additional products, such as cameras and key fobs. 

The HomeBase 2 connects to all of Eufy’s home security equipment pieces and allows for the devices to communicate with one another. It offers a Cloud video storage service whereby all videos are stored locally on 16GB of in-built 256-bit local storage. The HomeBase 2 also acts as a router for any Eufy cameras purchased as an add-on to the kit by connecting to your home router via an ethernet cable.

The keypad arms and disarms your home, but only works when connected to the HomeBase 2.  Notably, the keypad requires just one charge to have enough power to protect your home for up to six years. Homeowners who plan to be away from home for extended periods of time will benefit from the keypad – when connected to the Eufy’s security app, you can arm, disarm and choose which sensors should be on or offline. The keypad has two preset modes – home and away – with a 30-second delay to allow time for leaving the house. 

The 5-Piece Home Alarm Kit comes with a motion sensor and two entry sensors. A home security system’s motion sensor is one of the most important pieces of equipment as it has the ability to detect any motion inside the house. This is why, for larger homes, more than one motion sensor would allow for better protection and peace of mind; Eufy’s kit only comes with one. However, it does come with two entry sensors that can be mounted to your entry points, such as the front and back door. In the event of a break-in, a 100dB siren will be triggered on your HomeBase and you’ll receive a notification from your Eufy security app.

A downside of the Eufy’s Home Alarm Kit is that there is no option for professional monitoring. Without this, there is no option for police and fire dispatch or live alarm monitoring from a team of professionals, as most other home security system companies offer.


Independent Advisor’s verdict

Overall, Eufy’s Home Alarm Kit is reasonably priced and offers adequate security for small and medium-sized homes. However, when compared with other home security companies, Eufy lacks the variety of price points, as it only offers one ready-made package, which isn’t ideal for homeowners with larger homes. Eufy’s package can be customised with various add-on pieces, such as cameras, integrated easily to the system, which makes it a good choice for homeowners who would like to tailor their home security system.


The biggest downside to Eufy’s home security system is its lack of professional monitoring options, which are offered by lots of home security companies. Although homeowners can monitor their system via the app, this is not as secure as a professional monitoring plan. Having reviewed multiple home security packages, we would advise that customers compare Eufy to other companies before purchasing. Home security companies such as Adobe and Ring, have similar five-piece packages and they both offer professional monitoring, unlike Eufy.

Score breakdown

Security and performance★★½
Plans and pricing★★★★★
Customer experience★★
Our top three recommended providers

Frequently asked questions about Eufy home security

Eufy is a good home security system for homeowners in average-sized homes who prioritise affordability. Larger homes, or homeowners who require home security systems with more pieces of equipment than Eufy’s 5-piece Home Alarm Kit, may need to purchase additional items separately.

Eufy home security systems are very secure. In fact, all video data is encrypted by AES-256, which is often used by governments and VPN services to conceal classified information and has been proven to be virtually unhackable.

There is no professional monitoring subscription or monthly plan available with Eufy home security. Instead, homeowners can monitor their system via the Eufy home security app.


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