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Netatmo home security review: Products compared with competitors

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Netatmo is a French smart home technology company founded in 2011. Its first home security product, a smart indoor camera, launched in 2015, followed by its outdoor security camera in 2017.  The company creates various smart products for the home, from weather detection to air quality, but we’ve focussed on how its smart home security systems and products fare against others available on the market. The systems are entirely self-monitoring, with no paid-for plans or subscriptions to professional monitoring security. While this could be a benefit for some, as all features are readily-available on the app, to could also be a disadvantage to others who enjoy a less hands-on security option. 


60-second review

Rating: ★★★★


Netatmo is a fully DIY self-monitored home security system that offers one of the most straight-forward set-ups you’ll find. Its products don’t require a hub, which is unusual, and can work using just the app or relying on the indoor camera, depending on the product. The smart outdoor camera, for example, can function independently, but the smart door and window sensors need the indoor camera to function as they should. 


There is no professional monitoring option and no subscription fees or contracts involved. However, there are some elements and features missing that, one could argue, make vital inclusions. For instance, there is no alarm box to place outside your home to act as a deterrent and no two-way audio on the cameras or video doorbell. Some may also miss features such as panic buttons on keypads and smart keyfobs and having more ways to control your devices, aside from through your phone or desktop app.


However, what it might lack, Netatmo’s home security system makes up for with seamless integration across products and devices, allowing you to customise your set-up easily using the app and letting you connect with smart devices like Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. Cost-wise, it’s fairly mid-range, and DIY installation is quick and simple, with all mounting essentials included on delivery and instructions readily available online or in the app. It’s also one of the more aesthetically-pleasing systems we’ve come across.

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How we test smart home security systems


Our reviewers have researched and tested several home security systems in order to provide fair, unbiased and accurate recommendations. We compare products, features, quality and prices alongside what industry experts say and how customers have rated their experiences.

Our reviews are determined by the following categories:

  • Upfront and contract pricing
  • Packages available
  • Features and Functionality
  • Usability
  • Customer experience

We examine 18 elements within these categories, including:

  • Monitoring services and contract types
  • Data backup and storage
  • Warranties
  • Flexibility/customisation in bundles
  • Quality (image, sound, product)
  • Installation

All of our home security articles are fact-checked by our in-house team, to give consumers the knowledge they need to make an informed, up-to-date and confident buying decision. For more information, read our article on how we review home security systems.

How does a smart home security system work?

Smart home security systems typically work with a hub that connects to a home’s wifi. This collects information from the different components of a system, usually including sensors, cameras and video doorbells, to send real–time alerts back to your device via a dedicated app. This is more efficient than a traditional burglar alarm as users will have a live stream of what has caused a device to be alerted, allowing them to act accordingly.

Smart home security systems also offer connectivity across other smart home products, such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit, for a comprehensive set-up. Users can generally choose a system that can be professionally monitored, with emergency services on call, or self-monitored, relying on the sensors to send notifications of events.

Netatmo overview

  • Equipment cost: From £69.99 to £479.99 
  • Monthly fee: N/A
  • Power outage backup: No
  • Mobile phone backup: SD card
  • Live streaming: Yes
  • Push alerts: Yes, via the app
  • Remotely arm/disarm system: Yes, in app
  • Voice assistants: Google Home, Alexa, Apple HomeKit, HomeKit Secure video
  • Apps for: Apple iOS and Android


Can be installed DIY Good customer reviews


No professional monitoring Only one home security package is available Home Alarm package only suitable for small and medium-sized homes

How does Netatmo compare?

Netatmo’s home security offerings are easy to install with a peel-and-stick adhesive. (Netatmo)

Netatmo home security system is similar to Hey! home security in the sense that there is no hub and, in most instances, the components can be used independently. It also sits at a similar price point to Hey!, with various smart home add-ons available. The likes of Ring, Yale and Abode all require a connection to a smart hub and this does have its benefits, allowing you to manually arm or disarm your alarm system. The fact there are no monthly fees with Netatmo is, of course, welcome, however the fact there is no professional monitoring available, unlike other providers, means that you need to be prepared to fully secure your home.

Key feature Netatmo Yale Abode Ring
Minimum equipment cost (without installation) £319.99 £190 £294.99 to £384.99 £219.99
Starting monthly fee NA NA From £7.99 £3.49 /month (optional)
Power outage backup NA 8-hour backup battery 5-hours 24 hour battery backup
Mobile phone backup MicroSD card, Dropbox and iCloud available SD cards available Yes Yes, with subscription
Live streaming Yes Yes Yes Yes
Push alerts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remotely arm/disarm system Yes Yes Yes Yes
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How much does Netatmo home security cost?

Netatmo’s equipment cost is fairly mid-range, with a comprehensive five-piece bundle, the Smart Alarm System with Camera, priced at £319.99. The package is similar to Yale’s Sync Smart Home Alarm 5 Piece Kit, which costs a lower £220, and Ring’s five-piece Alarm Pack S, available from £219.99. However, Yale’s more similarly priced Sync Smart Home Alarm 9 Piece Kit, at £349, includes an indoor camera, a dummy siren, fobs and keypads where Netatmos does not. 

Some of Netatmo’s add-on products are expensive, the Outdoor Camera with Siren, for insurance, priced at £289.99, compared with Ring’s £149.99 Spotlight Cam Plus Battery equivalent. However, the bundles mean that savings can be found on upfront equipment costs. 

Netatmo doesn’t require any monthly subscriptions for access to special features or professional monitoring. 

Equipment costs

Package Equipment Cost
Smart alarm system with camera 1 x smart indoor camera 1 x smart indoor siren 3 x smart door and window sensors £319.99
Indoor-Outdoor pack 1 x smart indoor camera 1 x smart outdoor camera £379.99
Pack Smart Indoor Siren + Smart Door and Window Sensors 1 x smart indoor siren 3 x smart door and window sensors £139.99
Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren and Indoor Camera 1 x outdoor camera with siren 1 x smart indoor camera £429.99
Smart Outdoor Camera and Smart Video Doorbell 1 x smart outdoor camera 1 x smart video doorbell £479.99
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Equipment overview

Netatmo smart security products are good-looking, in the majority wireless and are designed with Anodised aluminium monobloc, to make them more durable and weather-resistant, where required. Although there is no specific power outage backup, most devices come with the batteries required that have a two-year lifespan, while other items need to be plugged in, like the indoor camera. The devices can have different settings adjusted in the app, so you have a full overview of your system and a schedule or response procedure that works to suit you. For instance, you can configure what happens when different sensors detect activity, such as sounding the siren, playing pre-recorded “at-home” noises or simply sending a notification. The indoor camera is essentially the hub of Netatmo’s home security system, as there are different components that need it to work, namely the smart indoor siren and sensors. 

Smart indoor camera

Netatmo’s smart indoor camera is an essential part of its home security system as different accessories need it to operate, like the indoor siren. The camera itself needs to be plugged and connected to wifi. It can film with 1080p picture quality, a panoramic 130-degree field of view and infrared night vision of up to five metres. It will only record footage when triggered by suspicious movement or if it detects a face, of which you can add up to 32 recognisable faces, including pets, to stop unnecessary recordings. Alerts will tell you whether the person is listed as known, or not, and you can see footage directly on the app. It comes with an 8G MicroSD card.

Smart indoor siren 

The smart indoor siren is an accessory that requires the indoor camera to operate. The 110dB alarm (louder than police grade) will activate if an intruder is detected by the camera; you can turn the siren off using the app, or you can activate another pre-recorded sound to give the impression that someone is home – ideal if you’re away for the weekend. It can be installed on the wall or ceiling, but must be in the same room as the smart camera with no obstructions between them. There are two installation options, explained in an easy DIY video online: a renter-friendly route with double-sided stickers and one that requires a drill and screwdriver. The latter might be a little more secure. The indoor siren comes with four AA batteries that have a two-year lifespan. 

Netatmo’s indoor sirent is discreet, but effective. (Netatmo)

Smart video doorbell

The smart video doorbell is designed to replace an existing chime doorbell. It can also be installed new, using Netatmo’s installation products that are sold separately – a plug-in 10 metre cable length (into wall outlet) or in-wall transformer (into existing electrical wiring). Installation is predicted to take 45 minutes and the transformer might require a professional, or someone with good electrical skills. Netatmo Pro installers are available, should you want a professional installation service that knows the products well to carry out the fitting. 

The IP44-rated doorbell is programmed to send alerts when someone arrives at the door. It records in 1080p full HD and a high dynamic range function, which softens direct light, and infrared LED night vision, to ensure you have a full view of people and packages at all hours. 

The doorbell can take up to a 32GB micro SD card (not included) or store recordings to Dropbox or an FTP server. It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assist, so any smart speakers you have can sync with the chime alert.

Smart outdoor camera

Previously known as “Presence”, Netatmo’s Smart Outdoor Security Camera can cleverly differentiate between people, animals and non-important objects/movements. It’s two-in-one, with a dimmable LED floodlight (12W low power) in the upper section and the surveillance camera in the lower section. 

It acts as a surveillance system, so if it detects movement that could pose a security threat, it will start recording in full HD 1080p, with a 100-degree field of view, which you can access live for free on the app or online. The night vision can detect movement and objects up to 15 metres away, to give you a clear image. The default setting is for the floodlight to come on when it picks up movement, but you can set up different “alert-zones” in the app to only monitor specific areas. It can also be turned on manually.

Smart door and window sensors

These sensors pick up movements and vibrations when placed on different entry points around your home. They need the indoor camera to work and are included with the Smart Alarm System with Camera package. You’ll get real-time notifications if anyone is forcing their way in and your alarm can be set to go off if abnormal movement is detected. One handy in-app feature is that you can check whether any windows or doors have been left open. 

Simple to install, the door and window sensors will alert users of any openings left ajar. (Netatmo)

What do customers say?

Netatmo gets a 3. 7 out of five stars on TrustPilot. It seems that the customer service is good, sending free replacement products when needed. On the other hand, there are indications that the products still need a little work, particularly in home security, which is the company’s newest offering. 


“My Smart Indoor Camera failed in night mode after several years of use. Netatmo customer support gave sincere support, even for an old camera, and was focused to solve the issue and not only to close the support ticket. Knowledgeable and interested staff supporting until case solved. Excellent service!”


“Excellent service, I moved into a property with a Netatmo camera fitted but no details of how it worked! Contacted Netatmo and they told me what I needed to do and now my camera is up and running! Great service.”


“I have had the outdoor doorbell for just over a year. In theory, this is a great product; in practice, it is highly unreliable and has got to the point where it needs to be rebooted or completely reinstalled every few days. Netatmo’s online support pages do not document the error messages I keep getting. I have raised a ticket with online support and have had no response in more than a week.”

App overview

As Netatmo is a fully self-monitoring home security system, the app is an essential component and where you will receive all of the information about how your system is working and the status of your home’s security. In the app, you can receive a live-view of indoor and outdoor cameras, as well as feedback on any open windows and doors, if you have the sensors installed. It will also inform you when different devices are connected and, likewise, disconnected.

If you have an indoor siren, you’ll be able to trigger it to turn on or switch it off in the app, which is essentially arming and disarming your system, but is not available for every device. Event storage time is set to three months by default, but videos can be kept up to six months, depending on the storage available. You can edit time frames in the app and delete old footage in the smart settings after as little as 48 hours.

Netatmo best home security packages

Netatmo offers just one dedicated home security package, the Smart Alarm System with Camera, in addition to some smaller bundles and singular add-ons that make good additions to the main package extra security. 

Smart Alarm System with Camera: Best for medium homes

Netatmo home security system bundle
The smart alarm system with camera is a five-piece kit for easy indoor surveillance (it includes three smart door and window sensors pictured). (Netatmo)
  • What you get: 
      • 1 x smart indoor camera
      • 1 x smart indoor siren 
      • 3 x smart door and window sensors 
  • Upfront cost: £319.99
  • Monthly fee: NA

This is Netatmo’s basic package and gives you a solid start for Netatmo’s essential home security products. Netatmo recommends placing the smart indoor camera opposite your front door and the sensors can be stuck onto your main entry points. The indoor siren can sit on a console table or shelf or can also be stuck (or drilled) onto the wall or on the ceiling. The indoor camera simply needs to be plugged in with access to wifi. With everything in place, follow the instructions in the app to get connected and start monitoring your home remotely. 

Package score

Reputation ★★★★★
Security and performance ★★★
Features ★★★½
Plans and pricing ★★★★★
Customer experience ★★
Overall ★★★★

Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren and Indoor Camera: Best for homes with pets

Netatmo home security system outdoor and indoor camera
The smart indoor and outdoor camera with siren combination helps streamline DIY surveillance for your property. (Netatmo)
  • What you get: 
    • 1 x outdoor camera with siren
    • 1 x smart indoor camera
  • Upfront cost: £429.99
  • Monthly fee: NA

If you want a little more surveillance on your property, getting an indoor and outdoor camera with the integrated floodlight is a good place to start. You can customise both in the app to avoid unnecessary notifications. 

The siren acts as a deterrent and the indoor camera won’t trigger notifications for movements recognised faces (which includes pets), that way if you’ve left your dog in the lounge, you won’t keep getting security alerts. 

Package score

Reputation ★★★★★
Security and performance ★★½
Features ★★★½
Plans and pricing ★★★★½
Customer experience ★★
Overall ★★★★

Independent Advisor’s verdict

If you’re looking for a fully self-monitoring home security system that is simple to install and use, Netatmo could be worth considering. The products are aesthetically pleasing and easily connected with other smart home devices, which makes for a modern set-up. However, there are a couple of features missing that can be found with other home security providers, such as two-way audio on cameras and video doorbells. 


Most of the products are wireless and easy to install, and you should be able to find certified Netatmo installers to help with anything more complicated. Installation is also mostly renter friendly, and as customisable as you’d hope with a DIY system. 


Netatmo’s website states customers have 60 days to change their mind on most products, many of which come with a two-year warranty, and you can sign up to Netatmo Care to extend the warranty with three years extra protection from breakages. This costs £45.99 for a Smart Video Doorbell. Although you can get in touch online and access plenty of resources, speaking with someone at Netatmo directly isn’t as easy as it is with other companies. Whether a fully self-reliant home security system will work for you is very dependent on circumstances and lifestyle, but if you use plenty of other smart home technology and want a system that is secure but streamlined, avoiding contracts where you can, Netatmo could suit.

Overall score breakdown

Reputation ★★★★★
Security and performance ★★★
Features ★★★½
Plans and pricing ★★★★★
Customer experience ★★
Overall ★★★★
Our top three recommended providers

Frequently asked questions about Netatmo home security

You need a good wifi connection to use most of Netatmo’s home security products. They also won’t work using a hotspot from a mobile device. The indoor camera can be connected via an ethernet cable, but still requires the internet to function.

No, Netatmo home security products work over wifi and are controlled via the app, with no need for a hub as you typically see with other smart home security systems.

You can access all streaming and setup of your devices on Netatmo’s app without signing up to a payable monthly subscription, which is similar to Hey! home security.

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