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Verisure home security review: Bespoke setups ranked

Contributions by Camille Dubuis-Welch
Verified by Molly Dyson
Verisure Home Security
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Tailored to your home
Professional monitoring without a lengthy contract
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Loud deterrent sirens (105db from the central unit)
Initial cost may be expensive
Final quote usually needs an appointment with a technician
Not the best app experience for Android users

Verisure is a Swedish security company founded in 1988. It’s been providing home security systems and solutions for homes across Europe for a number of years, so we’re taking a look to see how the products and monitoring services hold up against its competitors. 

As it’s completely customised to your property, there are no packages to view on the company’s website, as the setup will depend on your home’s evaluation with one of Verisure’s technicians. Verisure is one of the more reasonably priced options on the market, similar to top providers ADT and SimpliSafe.

Our experts have researched and reviewed Verisure home security to establish if its gadgets are up to the mark.  


60-second review

Rating: ★★★★½


Verisure’s home security packages are bespoke and prices start at £199. With Verisure, a technician will assess your home and tailor a package to suit your needs and the evaluation has refundable £100 desposit. Verisure has a sizeable catlouge of home security devices to choose from and partners with Arlo cameras who offer good video quality, two-way audio and night vision. 


Verisure’s devices integrate with voice assitants and via its home security app homeowers can arm and diarms their system remotely among other features with a professional monitoring plan.

Our top three recommended providers

How we test smart home security systems

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Our reviewers have spent hundreds of hours researching and testing each home security system in order to provide fair, impartial and accurate recommendations. We compare dozens of products, looking at their features, quality and cost alongside what others in the industry say and how customers review their experiences.

Our Verisure score was determined by the following categories:

  • Reputation and credibility
  • Security and performance
  • Features
  • Plans and pricing value
  • Customer experience

We examine 35 elements within these categories including:

  • Monitoring services and contract types
  • Data backup and storage
  • Warranties
  • Flexibility/customisation in bundles
  • Quality (image, sound, product)
  • Installation

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How does a smart home security system work?

Smart home security systems work by connecting all of the devices you have set up to a main hub, which is usually plugged into an ethernet cable or runs off your home’s wifi. Your entire system can be managed via an app, which will send you live notifications about any movement or tampering that triggers alarms, or anything that could be putting your home and its contents at risk. Some systems are self-monitored, but if you choose to have professional monitoring where available, any triggers will alert the designated security centre, which will then get in touch with you and verify any live footage available in and around your home before calling emergency services if needed, depending on the provider.

With Verisure, for example, the central unit runs off 4G connectivity, and all of the other products connect to it wirelessly, allowing you to monitor your home 24/7. If you choose professional monitoring, the company’s agents will also keep an eye on your home and involve the police if needed. Although Verisure is not marketed as a DIY service, you won’t be tied into long-term contracts, and you can cancel the monitoring but keep your products, provided you pay a one-off fee of £99.

Verisure overview

  • Equipment cost: £199 minimum, then POA (subject to an assessment by a technician)
  • Monthly fee: £32 (you can cancel at any time)
  • Power outage backup: 48-hour battery backup in the central unit
  • Mobile phone backup: 4G sim card in central unit
  • Live streaming: Yes
  • Push alerts: Yes
  • Remotely arm/disarm system: Yes, via app and smart fobs
  • Voice assistants: Google Home and Amazon Alexa
  • Apps for: Android and iOS devices (iOS 12.0 or later), iPad (iPadOS 12.0 or later), iPod touch


Tailored to your home Professional monitoring without a lengthy contract Installation included


Initial cost may be expensive Final quote usually needs an appointment with a technician Not the best app experience for Android users

How does Verisure compare?

Comparing Verisure to other big names in home security that also offer professional monitoring, like ADT, SimpliSafe, and Ring, it comes up as good value for money, with minimum equipment costs starting at £199 versus SimpliSafe at £284.96, for example. ADT charges a £169 installation fee and packages are priced on quotation, so it’s difficult to compare like-for-like.

What may make Verisure more appealing to some is the fact you won’t be tied into a long contract. Paying the £32 monthly fee has its perks, including professional monitoring, repairs, and all-important battery changes, but if you want to self-monitor, you are able to cancel your contract at any time. You will need to pay a £99 fee (subject to change) if you want to keep the equipment. The next best option on paper (if you want some level of professional monitoring) is SimpliSafe, as it offers a cheaper upfront equipment cost, sufficient battery backup, and push alert notifications, as well as a professional monitoring plan for nearly half the cost of Verisure – also without any contracts. With ADT, you’ll be locked into a lengthy three-year agreement.

Key feature Verisure ADT SimpliSafe Ring
Minimum equipment cost (without installation) £199 (installation included) Price by quotation only (£169 installation fee) £284.96 £219.99 (without installation)
Starting monthly fee £32 (6 months minimum) £35.99 (36 months minimum) £15.99 – optional and no contract £3.49 (optional)
Power outage backup 48 hours in central unit Checked daily by ADT 24-hour backup battery 24-hour battery backup
Mobile phone backup Cloud and 4G in central unit Cloud storage 4G data backup Yes, with subscription
Live streaming Yes with Arlo Yes Yes Yes
Push alerts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remotely arm/disarm system Yes Yes Yes Yes
Best alternative to
SimpliSafe offers a huge range of customisable home security systems to suit any size house. Homeowners can choose self or professional monitoring, with monthly prices starting at £15.99.
Excellent Trustpilot rating
Easy to install yourself
No long-term contracts
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How much does Verisure home security cost?

According to our research, the Verisure essential package starts at £199, with two more packages priced at roughly £350 and £599, all of which include professional installation. The monitoring costs £32 per month and includes a lifetime warranty on products, monitoring by a 24-hour alarm receiving centre that will contact the emergency services if needed, battery replacements and general support. The starting package will likely suit a small home, so if you have a bigger setup and want to add an Arlo essential wireless camera or additional shock sensors, for example, the technician will include all of this in your final quote before you buy anything. Note you will usually need to pay a £100 deposit to secure an appointment with a Verisure technician, but you will get this back, even if you don’t go through with the purchase – it simply secures your appointment. Verisure has been known to offer new customer discounts, so it’s worth speaking with someone on the phone about any promotional offers. Finally, if you want to cancel the monthly fee but keep your equipment, you would have to pay £99. Below, we’ve outlined the example packages we were offered in bespoke quotes from Verisure.

Example upfront equipment costs

Package Contents Cost
Essential package 1 central unit, 1 passive infrared (PIR) GuardVision photo detection camera, 1 shock sensor, 3 key fobs, 1 siren, voice, and keypad (SVK), 1 outdoor camera/video doorbell, Verisure outdoor signage £199 (POA)
Medium package 6 shock sensors, 2 PIR GuardVision photo detection cameras, 1 outdoor camera or video doorbell, 1 SVK with remote, 3 key fobs, 1 central unit, Verisure outdoor signage £350 (POA)
ZeroVision package 6 shock sensors, 2 PIR GuardVision photo detection cameras, 1 outdoor camera or video doorbell, 1 SVK with remote, 3 key fobs, 1 central unit, 1 ZeroVision alarm, Verisure outdoor signage £599 (POA)

Monthly plan

As outlined earlier, you are not locked into lengthy contracts when it comes to the monthly monitoring fee, however, you will have to pay a £99 fee if you choose to keep the equipment and switch to self-monitoring.

Monthly overview
Cost £32
Warranty Lifetime
Maintenance, repairs and replacements Yes, including batteries
Emergency call outs Yes, NSI Gold standard, 24/7, 365 days a year
Guard Response Yes
App usage Yes
Call out fees No
Fixed term contract No
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Best Bespoke
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Equipment overview

Bar the central unit and indoor camera, Verisure’s home security system is wireless. There are a couple of cool inclusions, such as the ZeroVision alarm and the voice device, which is a two-way communication system integrated into the Siren, Voice, and Keypad (SVK) that allows you to speak with customer services. Verisure also uses Arlo cameras, which have a good reputation for their quality.

Central unit

Verisure Central Hub on white background
The central unit connects all devices in your system and features a 48-hour backup battery for extra reassurance (Verisure)

Every Verisure system comes with the central unit. It works with LTE 4G connectivity (via an ethernet cable) and connects to all the other devices in your system. It’s got a 48-battery backup in case of a power cut and runs regular diagnostics of your system to make sure everything is functioning as it should. It also features a jamming detection algorithm, which is designed to prevent your system from being hacked.

Shock sensor

Verisure shock sensor on a wooden table
Placing shock sensors at key entry and exit points in your property will help detect break-ins and unusual activity that may compromise your home’s security (Verisure)

The shock sensors will make up most of Verisure’s packages. They work on two magnetic elements to detect tampering and vibrations on entry points like windows and doors. They are designed to differentiate between a break-in and strong wind that could slam a door shut, for example, but the alarm will go off if it picks up a true threat, allowing you and the Verisure security team to check camera footage and confirm any form of intrusion. 

ZeroVision alarm

Verisure ZeroVision alarm on a white background
The ZeroVision alarm can deter burglars quickly and give the Alarm Receiving Centre time to call out a guard or the police (Verisure)

Once installed, the ZeroVision alarm can be activated by a professional at Verisure’s NSI-certified Alarm Receiving Centre if they confirm threats and intruders in or around your property. It releases a fog that impairs vision as a deterrent. If an intruder is detected, you will be notified and Verisure will send police or a guard to the property.


Verisure GuardVision motion sensor camera
GuardVision takes images to check whether your home security system has been triggered because of an intruder or if it’s a false alarm (Verisure)

This motion sensor uses integrated passive infrared (PIR) sensors that assess how the energy patterns change in a space, by emitting infrared light. If triggered, it will take three images, which are first sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre and stored securely; you can then review them from the app when requested. This helps avoid any false alarms. The system won the 2022 IF Design award for TV and cameras, and the Red Dot 2023 award for quality and product design.

The siren, voice, and keypad (SVK)

Verisure Siren, Voice and Keypad unit
Verisure’s SVK comes with the unique voice feature and other specs to give you more control over your smart home security system (Verisure)

This is an essential part of Verisure’s setup and combines a 105db siren, SOS button, the aforementioned voice feature, which connects you with the Alarm Receiving Centre, and the ability to manage your alarm system from the keypad directly, via a smart key fob, or in the app. You can arm, part-arm, or disarm your system from here, with different home and away modes too. It’s wireless, runs off 3G, and you can connect to it via Bluetooth too.

Smart key fob

Verisure smart key fob close-up
Everyone in the house can keep a smart key fob handy to quickly arm and disarm your alarm, or to hit the panic button in emergency situations (Verisure)

You will typically get three smart key fobs in a starting pack, which lets you arm, part-arm and disarm your alarm system quickly. There is an SOS panic button should you need to alert the Alarm Receiving Centre in an emergency. You can add as many as 20 key fobs to your package.

Arlo essential wireless video doorbell

Verisure Arlo essential wireless video doorbell
Two-way audio and a large viewing angle in Arlo’s wireless video doorbell allow you to keep an eye on your front door and communicate with anyone who approaches your home (Verisure)

This is a good product to consider with your package, not just for security but for streamlined deliveries. It will send you a notification if anyone approaches your front door, but you can check on it manually on the app as well. As you’d expect, it has two-way audio and you can send pre-recorded messages to anyone who shows up at your front door, while the HD video and 180-degree viewing angle will give good-quality recordings you can view live from your app. It’s weather-resistant, and should you need to trigger an alarm, you can remotely activate the siren from your device. 

Arlo essential wireless camera

Verisure Arlo Essential Wireless Camera
The Arlo essential wireless camera makes a seamless addition to the front or back of your property, for more surveillance and to act as a deterrent against intruders (Verisure)

This outdoor camera was recommended to us over the phone – it’s especially if your outdoor space isn’t enclosed. It has a built-in speaker, spotlight, siren, substantial 130-degree viewing angle and 1,080px video resolution so you can see footage of the front or back of your property on your phone whenever it picks up a motion alert. We like that it’s wireless, unlike some outdoor cameras, so installation is a bit quicker than wired cameras. As expected, it’s weather-resistant, even in sub-zero or high temperatures – from -20C to 45C – and it has a six-month battery life. The batteries in this camera are also rechargeable, which makes for easy maintenance.

Arlo essential indoor camera

Verisure Arlo essential indoor camera
The Arlo indoor camera is a sleek and discreet yet essential part of a home security system, letting you keep an eye on your property from wherever you are (Verisure)

This camera has two-way audio and good 1,080px video quality at all hours, with an integrated spotlight for night vision and a 130-degree viewing angle. It’s not wireless, but still a nice addition that could make a significant difference to your home security if used in the centre of an apartment or in hallways, for example. You can live stream footage on your phone and trigger the siren if needed, and should you want some privacy, you can close the shutter.

Panic button

Verisure panic button
Additional panic buttons can be supplied and fitted by Verisure all around your home for larger properties (Verisure)

There is an SOS button on your app and key fobs, or you can activate this on your SVK, but if you want additional panic buttons around the house you can include them in your package. They are fairly discreet and might give you peace of mind, for instance if you live in a particularly big house and don’t always keep your phone on you.

What do customers say?

Verisure gets 4.5 out of five stars on Trustpilot, with customers commending knowledgeable and friendly service from technicians. Highlights include ease of setup and fixing teething issues with synching cameras and so on. While 84 per cent of reviews give five stars, lower ratings come with comments on the price, mostly around the subscription, so be sure to verify you’re happy with the price you’re quoted before you sign up.


“Really pleased with the whole experience! From the first consultation, everything was explained clearly, we chose our package and two days later it was fitted! Our security consultant, Kab, did a great job of fitting everything and Niall, from the customer support team, called the next day to make sure that we were happy with everything. The after-sales support is just at the end of the phone if they are needed. And most of all, I feel safer knowing that we have a very good alarm system protecting our property.


“While this started out as a good cheap deal at £1 a day, [it] soon turned into an expensive deal. [It went] from £30 a month to over £50 a month [and] became too expensive. With my wife retiring and me being hospitalised, we cannot afford it so need to cancel the contract.”

App overview

The Verisure app is available for Android and iOS devices. You can arm and disarm your system, and there is a panic/SOS button should you come home and notice a break-in or think your home is not secure and want to alert Verisure’s security team immediately. When entering your home and letting the alarm go off, the Alarm Receiving Centre will give you a reasonable amount of time to disarm the system, otherwise they will contact you to assess the situation before calling the police. 

The app features a timeline that is accessible via the home screen, where you can see past security events. You’ll also be able to contact support teams and change the calling list for alarm triggers under the “My system” menu.

There seem to be more positive reviews on the latest app update via the Apple App Store compared with Google Play, where users have reported unexpected errors and a less-than-smooth experience. However, it seems like an intuitive app to our reviewers, and Verisure’s customer service team told them the engineers tell new customers how to use the app along with the system during installation.

What are Verisure’s best home security packages?

Although all of Verisure’s packages are bespoke, customer services will usually be able to advise on the three basic packages. Our researcher contacted the company, and this is what a representative told them you can typically find in each package.

Essential package: Best for small homes and apartments

  • What you get: 
    • 1 central unit
    • 1 PIR GuardVision photo detection camera
    • 1 shock sensor
    • 3 key fobs
    • 1 siren, voice, and keypad
    • 1 outdoor camera/video doorbell
    • Verisure outdoor signage
  • Upfront cost: From £199 (POA)
  • Monthly fee: £32

This is a good start-up package, at a reasonable price, for more-compact homes. The PIR GuardVision photo detection camera will limit any false alarms and the addition of the outdoor camera or video doorbell with the two-way voice feature will make a useful addition to busy homes.

Package score

Reputation ★★★★★
Security and performance ★★★★
Features ★★★★½
Plans and pricing ★★★½
Customer experience ★★
Overall ★★★★½

Medium package: Best for two-storey houses with accessible gardens

  • What you get: 
    • 1 central unit
    • 2 PIR GuardVision photo detection cameras
    • 6 shock sensors
    • 3 key fobs
    • 1 siren, voice, and keypad with remote
    • 1 outdoor camera/video doorbell
    • Verisure outdoor signage
  • Upfront cost: From £350 (POA)
  • Monthly fee: £32

This is Verisure’s next level of security package, with two GuardVision cameras and additional sensors to cover more entry and exit points. It’s ideal if you have a two-storey property and an accessible garden. Plus, the outdoor signage will act as a deterrent in itself.

Package score

Reputation ★★★★★
Security and performance ★★★★½
Features ★★★★½
Plans and pricing ★★★½
Customer experience ★★
Overall ★★★★½

ZeroVision package: Best for larger homes with front and back gardens

  • What you get: 
    • 1 central unit
    • 2 PIR GuardVision photo detection cameras
    • 6 shock sensors
    • 3 key fobs
    • 1 siren, voice, and keypad with remote
    • 1 outdoor camera/video doorbell
    • 1 ZeroVision alarm
    • Verisure outdoor signage
  • Upfront cost: From £599 (POA)
  • Monthly fee: £32

This is Verisure’s highest level of cover, with the addition of the ZeroVision tech to stop intruders in their tracks. It’s the most expensive option but offers more protection and would be ideal for homes that are bigger and more remote.

Package score

Reputation ★★★★★
Security and performance ★★★★½
Features ★★★★½
Plans and pricing ★★★½
Customer experience ★★
Overall ★★★★½

Independent Advisor’s verdict

As Verisure’s home security packages can be tailored to different sized homes, our researchers feel they are comprehensive, but this comes with an elevated price tag on the monthly fee and upfront equipment costs, depending on which package you go for. However, if you need a high level of protection and don’t mind paying premium prices or the £32 monthly professional monitoring fee, then it could be the right choice for you. We decided to give Verisure four stars on the grounds that while it can be expensive depending on the number of components you add to your system, the professional monitoring seems to be of a high standard and the company gets good reviews for installation and the general functioning of products. Our reviewers feel the equipment has some unique features we think are key to a streamlined home security system. It was also quick to get through to customer support over the phone, and the representative was friendly, informative and also transparent about their knowledge of the products – sincerity goes a long way, in our researcher’s opinion. The fact you aren’t tied into any lengthy contracts is also positive. Whether Verisure is worth the money really depends on your home’s security needs and budget.

Overall score breakdown

Reputation ★★★★★
Security and performance ★★★★
Features ★★★★½
Plans and pricing ★★★½
Customer experience ★★
Overall ★★★★½
Our top three recommended providers

Verisure home security Q&A

Verisure professional monitoring costs £32 a month. This includes maintenance, repairs and replacement of products should they stop working, as well as battery replacements. Everything, apart from the central unit, runs off lithium batteries, which, according to a representative we spoke with, typically aren’t easy to source, so this is a nice feature of the monthly cost.

Our reviewers highly rated SimpliSafe’s The Tower home security system package. What will work for your home is subjective, Verisure is cheaper for upfront equipment costs on its basic package, but it can become pricier, depending on how many components you add. When it comes to Trustpilot scores, Verisure gets 4.6 stars, compared with SimpliSafe’s 4.7 stars. Both parties get rave reviews for good customer service and products, with the occasional complaint about Verisure’s app and steep prices.

If you opt in for the professional monitoring service with the monthly fee, Verisure will automatically call the police if there is an intrusion. Verisure’s response team will contact you to assess the situation and check any camera footage, if available, to verify the trigger, and will call emergency services or a guard response. The PIR GuardVision photo motion detector included with all standard packages has a built-in camera that takes three still images when it detects movement so the response team can check whether or not there is an intruder.


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