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Project Solar solar panels review

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Project Solar’s catalogue currently contains its Evo Super Max 455 panels and integrated solar roof panels. Integrated solar roof panels, also called solar roof tiles or in-roof tiles, are applied directly to the roof battens, lying flush with the roof profile. This eliminates the need for mounting frames. This innovative system has helped Project Solar win several industry awards, giving them a solid reputation in the solar sector. 

Our experts closely examine both, bringing you our expert analysis and comparing their performance with similar products, allowing you to choose the best solar panels for your home.  

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Project Solar overview

Project Solar is well-established in the renewable energy sector, carrying out over 45,000 solar installations, preventing the release of 150,000 tonnes of carbon. It’s accredited by the Home Insulation & Energy Systems Quality Assured Contractors Scheme (HIES), the Energy Performance Validation Scheme (EPVS), the National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers (NAPIT), and the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). 

Founded in 2011 by Gurmukh Singh Bahra, Project Solar has been steered by Simon Peat since 2012, later joined by Andrew Walton-Green and Colin Wood as directors in 2018.

Positioned in the heart of the Midlands, with another office in the Northwest, Project Solar caters to homeowners across the UK. It offers products from solar panels and roof tiles to electric vehicle chargers, infrared heaters, and intuitive heating controls.

It also won European/UK Invertor Installer of the Year from Growatt, Company of the Year at the Derby Telegraph Business Awards 2018, and is the exclusive installer of the Duracell Home Energy Bank solar battery. However, in 2022, Solar Power Portal reported that Project Solar was under investigation by trade bodies the MCS and NAPIT over the integrity of its mounting equipment. Our research suggests that formal proceedings have yet to be issued.

Project Solar pricing

Project Solar ranks among the pricier solar manufacturers, with specific solar panels costs accessible only upon inquiry. The company provides pricing based on a complete solar panel system rather than per individual panel.

Project Solar customer satisfaction

Solar panel providers rarely appear on Trustpilot’s customer review site, however, Project Solar has been awarded 4.4 out of five stars. Of 3,800 reviews, 85 per cent give a four or five-star rating, with 13 per cent giving one or two stars. 

Most reviews mention professional reps, good customer service and hassle-free installations, with Project Solar’s team responding promptly to every review. Conversely, some customers report problems with installations and a lack of communication from the company.

“We had solar panels and a battery fitted to our new build as part of a bit of an eco push and to try save some money at the same time. The sales person, John, explained everything from the outset and wasn’t pushy at all. The fitting day went like a dream and the panels are pleasant to look at, not like some on the market. Some people haven’t even noticed them on our garage they blend that well.”

“Solar panels installed ok and working. Over five weeks on since installation and left with broken roof tiles and scaffolding still in the way. We have asked repeatedly for this to be sorted but lots of talk but no action so far. Disappointed with lack of professionalism in dealing with customers after installation.”

“We have been thoroughly impressed with the communication and service provided by Project Solar. They made sure we were very informed of the options, pros and cons and left us feeling very confident with our purchase. In particular, the speed at which the process progressed from the first survey at our house to the solar panels being fitted was excellent and we can’t believe they are up already!”

Project Solar’s best solar panels

Project Solar has discontinued many of its older panels, including the Evolution Elite 400, focusing instead on its Evolution Super Max 455 and roof-integrated solar panels. Although Project Solar’s prices are only available upon request, online estimates suggest that the Evolution 455 is priced at around £400 per panel.  

How we calculate solar panels’ value for money

Generally, to calculate the value for money of each solar panel, our experts multiplied the efficiency by the power output and divided that figure by the cost. This provides a measurable result for each solar panel. To find out more, read our article on how we review solar panels. However, due to the lack of transparency regarding the price range of Project Solar’s panels, our researchers have had to exclude the cost for this calculation. 

Evolution Evo Super Max 455: Best for most homes

Project Solar UK Evolution Titan 445
The Project Solar Evo Super Max Series 455 panel (Project Solar)

Key features

✓ Efficiency of up to 21.01 per cent

✓ Up to 10 per cent more power per m2 compared with panels with similar power outputs

✓ Enhanced low-light performance


  • Power output: 455W
  • Efficiency: 21.01 per cent
  • Warranty: A lifetime product warranty and 85 per cent performance warranty. After 30 years, its performance warranty is 80 per cent 
  • Cost per panel: POA


Increased internal reflectivity to improve performance Maintains temperatures to ensure energy generation is more efficient Lifetime guarantee


No panel prices given, only per installation

Project Solar’s Evolution 455 is a monocrystalline panel using Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact (PERC) cell technology. PERC panels have an additional layer on the back, delivering six to 12 per cent more energy than conventional solar panels. 

The panels can be integrated into a smart solar system, contain no fluorine and minimal lead material and have a sleek, ultra-black appearance. 

Efficiency and power output

The Evolution 455 panel has an efficiency of 21.01 per cent and a power output of 455W. This places it at the more premium end of the solar panel market. 


Our researchers compared the Evolution 455 with other models offering similar performances and found that Project Solar’s panel would have to cost between £150 and £200 to match the prices of its competitors. 

While Project Solar’s Evo Super Max panel has a lower power output than both Longi and JA Solar panels, the efficiency is similar. 

Panel name Efficiency Power output Cost per panel
Evo Super Max Series 455 21.40% 455W POA
Perlight Delta 415W Mono 21.20% 415W £203
Longi Solar 500W Hi-Mo 5M 21.50% 500W £145.20
JA Solar GR MC4 21.50% 550W £156

Our rating

Efficiency ★★★★
Power output ★★★★
Value for money (ExP/C) N/A
Overall ★★★★

What is this panel best for?

The Evolution 455 is designed to be suitable for most property types, including shady roof spaces. 

Not good for

If your household only requires a small amount of electricity, the Evolution 455 might not be cost-effective. However, the high energy output and decent efficiency could allow you to sell any excess electricity to the National Grid, thus shortening the time to break even.

Integrated solar roof tiles: Best for aesthetic appeal

Solar panel integrates into the roof tiles or shingles. 3d illustration.
Solar roof tiles are a more discrete option than panels (Adobe)

Key features

✓ Efficiency of up to 18.2 per cent

✓ Solar panels fit seamlessly with the roof profile

✓ Mounted directly to the roof battens, reducing mounting costs


  • Power output: 125W
  • Efficiency: 18.2 per cent
  • Warranty: 15-year product warranty and 25-year performance guarantee 
  • Cost per panel: POA


Fast install with a one-minute panel-to-panel connection Interlocking design provides superior strength and wind rating Lightweight design


Low power output compared to standard solar panels

Solar roof tiles represent an advanced renewable energy solution, blending solar panels’ environmental and money-saving benefits with a refined and discreet design.

The solar tiles interlock and are directly attached to the roof battens, eliminating the need for mounting rails.

This could be the perfect alternative for homeowners keen on producing their energy without the appearance of traditional solar panels on their rooftops. Additionally, solar roof tiles are often more favoured in conservation areas where maintaining a specific architectural style is essential. 

Efficiency and power output

While Project Solar’s roof tiles have a power output of only 125W per panel, due to their interconnected design, they take up less space than standard panels and, therefore, a bigger, more powerful system is possible. They have an efficiency of 18.2 per cent. 


As with other Project Solar products, the cost of each solar roof tile is only available by request. However, according to a report by Forbes, in-roof solar panels can cost up to 50 per cent more than standard PV modules due to the requirement for more tiles to produce the same amount of electricity.

Project Solar’s in-roof tiles are much smaller than in-roof panels from other manufacturers, meaning that both Longi and Viridian Solar have higher outputs and efficiencies, but may not be suitable for smaller roof spaces. 

Tile name Efficiency Power output Cost
Project Solar in-roof tiles 18.20% 125W POA
Longi Roof 3.0 21.70% 555W POA
Viridian Solar Clearline Fusion M10 21.50% 405W POA

Our rating

Efficiency ★★★★
Power output ★★★
Value for money (ExP/C) ★★
Overall ★★★

What is this panel best for?

If you are in the process of constructing a house or reroofing an existing property, in-roof tiles are a good option. 

Not good for

A solar roof tile system is more expensive and therefore has a far longer break-even point, so if you’re installing a PV system on a budget, standard panels may be more suitable. 

Frequently asked questions about Project Solar solar panels

Project Solar has a limited product catalogue. However, if you’re interested in innovative integrated roof solar panel tiles, and don’t have the room for larger integrated panels, Project Solar is a good option. It’s also one of the few solar companies to have a rating on Trustpilot.

As with other Project Solar products, the Evolution Elite 400 panel has a lifetime product warranty and an 85 per cent performance warranty. After 30 years, its performance warranty falls to 80 per cent, placing Project Solar above many other manufacturers, such as JA Solar, Longi, and Suntech.  

It should be noted that while the Evolution Elite 400 is still available from some suppliers, Project Solar has discontinued its production.

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