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REA Solar solar panels review

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Founded in 2010 as Renewable Engineering Australia, REA Solar is an Australian solar company specialising in designing and manufacturing solar panels and system components for residential and commercial clients. The company primarily focuses on advancing energy efficiency independence, incorporating smart home technology, and promoting electric vehicle transportation. 

REA Solar partners with Hyundai, Tesla, Samsung, Enphase and Transdev and are only available through Heatable in the UK.

Our solar experts take a close look at the solar panels offered by REA Solar for UK homeowners. 

REA Solar overview

While initially starting in Australia, REA Solar has expanded its reach. It now has a presence in global markets, demonstrating its successful growth and dedication to the proliferation of sustainable energy. In the UK, its panels are sold and installed exclusively through Heatable. 

REA Solar is recognised for its commitment to high-quality solar products and services, which have helped solidify its reputation as a reliable provider in the solar industry. Its Fusion 2 module offers an impressive 23.9 per cent efficiency, making it one of the most efficient panels our experts have analysed. 

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REA Solar module costs

REA Solar only markets one solar panel in the UK – its Fusion 2 panel. This is an N-type bifacial module, meaning it can generate energy from both faces of the panel. N-type cells are unaffected by light-induced degradation (LID). 

The Fusion 2 offers an efficiency of 23.9 per cent, a power output of 420W and is priced at £500 per module, making it a premium-priced panel. JA Solar sells a 420W panel delivering an efficiency of 21.5 per cent and priced at £115 each, as does Jinko Tiger, with its module costing £177. 

REA Solar Fusion 2: Best for the average home

Key features

✓ High efficiency

✓ Superior low and oblique light performance

✓ Split cell structure for higher shading tolerance


  • Power output: 420W
  • Efficiency: 23.9 per cent
  • Warranty: Product and performance warranty of 25 years
  • Cost per panel: £500


Dual glass structure for increased durability Double-sided energy generation Aerospace adhesive reinforced cell connections


Only available from one supplier in the UK

REA Solar’s Fusion 2 panel features an all-black design and it can absorb solar energy from both the front and rear, aided by light-scattering round wires. It also incorporates TopCon (Tunnel Oxide Passivated Contact) technology. More efficient than PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Contact) technology, TopCon offers reduced degradation and increased cell efficiency. 

Efficiency and power output

The Fusion 2 panel delivers a power output 420W and an efficiency of 23.9 per cent. 


REA Solar’s Fusion 2 module costs £500 per panel, making it one of the more expensive panels we’ve reviewed in this output and efficiency range. 

How we calculate solar panels’ value for money

To calculate the value for money of each solar panel, our experts multiplied the efficiency by the power output and divided that figure by the cost of solar panel. This provides a measurable result for each solar panel. To find out more, read our article on how we review solar panels.

Panel name Efficiency Power output Cost per panel
REA Solar Fusion 2 23.90% 420W £500
Jinko Tiger Neo N-Type 54 Cell 21.50% 420W £177
Longi Solar 500W Hi-Mo 5M 21.50% 500W £145
REC Alpha Pure-R Series All Black Solar Panel 21.70% 420W £263

Our rating

Efficiency ★★★★★
Power output ★★★★1/2
Value for money (ExP/C] ★★★
Overall ★★★★

What is this panel best for?

If you’re looking for a solar panel that delivers high efficiency, good power output and aesthetic appeal, REA Solar’s Fusion 2 could be the ideal choice.

Not good for

For homeowners who are on a budget, this panel may not fit your requirements.

Frequently asked questions about the REA Solar panels

REA Solar primarily focuses on manufacturing solar power solutions. It’s common for solar companies to either offer solar batteries, as part of their product lineup, or partner with battery manufacturers to provide integrated storage solutions. REA Solar has partnered with Tesla to produce the Powerwall 2 solar storage battery.

REA Solar panels are exclusive to Heatable, which uses local installers to carry out solar installations throughout the UK.

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