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How much does car insurance cost, and how much can I save, when I compare?

Average cost per year £651
Cost for 17-19 year olds £1268.54
Cost for 50-64 year olds £483.40

How much does car insurance cost?

The average cost of an annual comprehensive car insurance policy is £651, based on policies purchased through MoneySuperMarket between October and December 2023.

However, the cost of car insurance can vary dramatically, depending on your age. For example, inexperienced younger drivers between 17 and 19 years old paid £1,268.54, not far off triple the £483.40 paid by 50 to 64 year olds.

How much can I save?

There are about 200 car insurance companies in the UK, each offering a range of policies. Therefore it’s important to shop around, not only to get the right cover for your needs, but to do so at the best price available.

How much you can save will depend on your driving profile, and how much you are quoted by your existing provider in the first place.

What specialist car insurance can I get?

Although car insurance tends to be split into third party, third party, fire and theft, and fully comprehensive, there are a number of other specialist policies you may need to take out at one time or another. These can include:

Learner driver insurance

If you’re learning to drive, you can take out specialist learner driver cover to allow you to practise in someone else’s vehicle

Telematics insurance

By having an electronic device installed in your car through a black box or telematics insurance policy, you can save yourself money in the long run by proving you’re a safe, trustworthy driver

Temporary car insurance

If you need to drive someone’s car for a short amount of time, you can take out temporary car insurance rather than unnecessarily apply for a full, 12-month policy

Classic car insurance

Although the age of a classic car can vary from insurer to insurer, there are benefits to taking out a specialist classic car insurance policy for your vintage vehicle

Business car insurance

If you use your car for business purposes, such as driving around to various places to work or meet clients, you will need to get business car insurance to be properly covered. This comes in three categories: Class 1, 2 and 3

Low-mileage car insurance

If you drive under the average UK annual mileage, say if you’re retired or have started working from home, you could get cheaper car insurance by taking out a low-mileage policy

Pay-as-you-go car insurance

If you’re an infrequent driver, you could take out pay-as-you-go car insurance, where you pay for every mile you drive. This could be good if you have a second car you don’t use very often.

Named driver insurance

As the main driver, you could make your car insurance cheaper by adding a more experienced named driver to your policy. Alternatively, becoming a named driver may save you money if you don’t drive very often, and only semi-frequently need to use a loved one’s car

Over-50s car insurance

It is possible to take out specific over-50s car insurance that includes a number of additional benefits, including multi-year fixed prices, enhanced European cover, and emergency any-driver cover