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Best double glazing companies 2024

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Windows play a pivotal role in any home, offering natural light, ventilation, and improved insulation, but with over 12,000 double glazing companies to choose from, who do you pick to install your new windows? 

Our experts have done the hard work for you by thoroughly researching some of the largest window installers. We assess and compare double glazing prices, brand reputations, warranty options, customer satisfaction, and product quality, and currently, our top installer is Anglian. It offers well-made, durable windows and a recycling scheme designed to save up to £1,000 on your new windows. 

Read on to discover which other installers are worth approaching for a quote.

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Which are the best double glazing companies in the UK?

Our expert team has thoroughly researched and examined double glazing installers, comparing their services on cost, energy ratings, guarantees and the styles of windows they offer. We have combined this research with recent Trustpilot reviews to help you find the best double glazing company that best suits your needs.

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Best double glazing companies compared

Provider Price per window Finance options Guarantee Trustpilot score Range of materials Energy rating Supported Review Where to buy
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£250–£910 12 to 180 months at 12.9% APR representative 10-year guarantee for all parts and labour, 10–15 years for gas-filled windows 3.9 stars uPVC, aluminium, wood A or A+ for double glazing uPVC; A++ for triple glazing Anglian review Visit Site
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£500–£3,200 36, 60, 120 or 180 months at 9.9% APR representative 10-year, 20-year or lifetime (for a fee) transferable guarantees 4.4 stars uPVC, aluminium, wood A+ for uPVC windows Everest review Visit Site
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£250–£1,050 Buy now, pay later in 9 months at 16.9% APR and monthly payments at 12.9% APR 10-year guarantee 4.7 stars uPVC A+ Crystal review Visit Site

Anglian Home Improvements

Best overall double glazing window installer

Anglian Home Improvements holds a significant position in the double glazing industry and covers all areas of England, Scotland and Wales. The company values its British manufacturing roots, producing durable, well-made products. Anglian’s double glazing offerings guarantee home insulation, energy efficiency, and boosted security, which is backed by a robust recycling scheme that could see homeowners saving up to £1,000 on new windows. With an impressive variety of styles and finishes, the company aims to provide solutions for all aesthetic tastes and functional requirements and has a Trustpilot rating of 3.9.

Anglian offers a 10-year guarantee for all parts and labour, a 10- to 15-year guarantee for all gas-filled windows, and low-rate finance options.

Read our full Anglian windows review.


Covers a wide area Recycling scheme can save up to £1,000 Bespoke and made-to-measure windows


Lower Trustpilot rating than some competitors High variable APR finance plan compared to some competitors


Best warranties

Everest is one of the leading providers of double glazing services in the UK, with a Trustpilot rating of 4.4 out of five. The company is known for its top-tier craftsmanship and extensive product range, which includes windows, doors, and conservatories. With its commitment to quality and innovation, Everest offers energy-efficient and noise-reducing options, plus free upgrades to triple glazing. 

Everest’s services come with comprehensive transferable guarantees – a 10- or 20-year warranty or, with an additional cost, lifetime cover, protecting homeowners against faulty products and installations. It also offers low-rate finance options, however, these are unavailable for properties on the Isle of Man.

Everest’s local consultants cover England, Scotland, and Wales.

Read our full Everest windows review.


Attractive warranties Offers an impressive range of windows and styles Low APR representative


More expensive than other brands No accreditation by the Energy Saving Trust Customers reported difficulties getting into contact with the aftercare department

Crystal Home Improvements

Best finance options

A family-owned business, Crystal Home Improvements offers a wide range of products – from windows and doors to conservatories – which are all designed with energy efficiency and aesthetics in mind. Crystal prides itself on its customer-focused approach, delivering a  personalised service, from initial consultation through installation and aftercare. It has a Trustpilot rating of 4.7

Crystal provides a 10-year, no-quibble guarantee for parts and labour, a ‘buy now, pay later’ finance option and monthly payments.  

Essex-based Crystal Home Improvements covers Essex, Hertfordshire, Epping, and the surrounding areas.


High Trustpilot rating Buy now, pay later finance options High-quality products produced in the UK


Only offers uPVC Only serves communities in the South East of England High APR representative compared to some competitors

Best of the rest

These double glazing installers are great in their own right and each offer a high level of service, making them well worth considering in your search for a reputable company.


Founded in 1970, Britelite Windows is an accredited window provider focused on security and energy efficiency. The company offers uPVC windows with either double or triple glazed glass and can be found in four styles, including casement, traditional Residence 7 and 9 and sliding sash. 

Britelite offers a 10-year transferable warranty and operates in Kent, Sussex, Essex, Surrey and London.  


Formed in 1982, Britannia is a reliable double glazing company that offers flexible payment and finance options, with a buy now, pay later scheme of 0 per cent APR on purchases over £3,000. It offers a variety of window styles in either uPVC or aluminium, with an energy efficiency rating of A+ on double glazed windows. 

Britannia serves homes in the South East and South West.

How can I find double glazing companies near me?

If you want to find local double glazing companies, look at our map below to receive up to four no-obligation quotes from local installers. If you want to broaden your research, use keywords such as “double glazing companies near me” in a reputable search engine. 

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When searching for double glazing providers, ensure that you’re working with a reputable brand. Local business directories and business listings provide an overview of companies operating in a specific region and should contain basic business information and, potentially, customer testimonials. Browsing reviews can offer insights into provider reputation, customer service, product quality, warranty options and pricing and finance options – all vital factors when considering which double glazing company to work with. 

Get recommendations from your neighbours

Tapping into the experiences of your friends, family, or neighbours can also be a valuable resource. While online reviews provide a broad perspective, they may not always offer a complete or accurate representation of a company’s service quality. However, personal recommendations carry the weight of trust and firsthand experience.

Additionally, your contacts can provide practical insights you may not find online. For example, they could pass on information about the disruption level during installation, the work site’s cleanliness, the workers’ punctuality, and whether the project was completed within the expected timeframe and budget.

Many hardware suppliers have built relationships with local service providers over the years. These partnerships are often formed based on shared values of quality, reliability and customer satisfaction – making these stores a good source of information. Your local DIY store could be a fruitful avenue in your hunt for double glazing companies.

Our team’s first-hand experience of getting double glazing windows installed

Several members of the Independent Advisor team have gone through the experience of finding double glazing installers and getting new windows installed in their properties. Here are some of their key takeaways and tips to help you on your journey to choosing a company for your project.


Amy, from Somerset

For our house in a conservation area, we had to apply for planning permission to install timber replacement windows. Choosing a local supplier meant any amendments from the planning officers were quickly dealt with by a company who knows the regional styles and preferences. They also offered a very competitive price for bespoke work and came with great recommendations from neighbours.


Ed, from Bath

I chose Anglian Home Improvements to replace my kitchen window and patio doors with French doors, as they were offering remote appointments and had a good offer on their windows. The process was straightforward, with a technician coming out to measure up, followed by the installation. This was quick, with minimal disruption or mess left over afterwards. However, I had an issue with the door alignment, allowing cold air to get in. Anglian fixed it free of charge. Overall, I’m very happy with Anglian and haven’t had any issues with them. One small gripe is that they only provided one key for the window, whereas Britannia provided multiple copies.

Which double glazing window company provides the best customer service?

Determining which company provides the best customer service can be subjective, as it often depends on individual customer experiences and expectations. However, several factors can help evaluate a company’s customer service, such as response time, quality of communication, professionalism, and after-sales service.

There are a number of double glazing companies with a reputation for good customer service, including Everest and Anglian. These companies have often been praised for their professional installation teams, responsive customer support, and reliable aftercare service. However, customer service quality can change over time, so it’s always a good idea to check the most recent customer reviews and ratings for any company you’re considering.

Local double glazing window companies explained

Local double glazing companies man carrying new windows
Local double glazing companies are a good option for new window installations (Adobe)

When choosing a double glazing provider, it’s important to consider local companies as well as national brands. 

Local installers are likely to have similar products to national providers and come with the advantage of being close by, which can result in reduced waiting times, and diminished travel fees. If you live in a remote area, you may find that some larger companies do not cater to your region, making it more difficult to arrange visits and speak to specialists. 

Reputable local providers should also be able to install bespoke and made-to-measure windows in a variety of styles and may offer more materials than some larger companies, such as wood and aluminium. Moreover, local providers may have existing relationships with neighbours, friends, and family members, which should offer more insight into customer service and product quality. 

When contacting local double glazing companies, there are several methods available. Consider which works best regarding your convenience and comfort.

How does the quote process work?

The easiest way to request multiple double glazing quotes for comparison is to fill in our form, which offers up to four quotes from local providers.

  • You will need to confirm that you are the owner of your residence, as well as a few details on how many windows you need and if you need them supplied and fitted
  • Depending on the details you provide and where you live, our trusted partners will contact you regarding your enquiry to discuss your needs further so they can provide a free, no-obligation quote
  • If you choose to work with one of the selected providers, the company will arrange for a specialist to visit your home. This visit will involve measuring your windows and working out any finer details so you can be offered a more accurate estimate of the price 
  • Once your windows have been made to your liking, the provider will arrange a date for installation
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Frequently asked questions about double glazing companies

There are several instances when you might consider contacting a double glazing company:

  • Window replacement: If your existing windows are old, damaged, or inefficient, you should consider reaching out to a double glazing company. Double glazed windows can significantly improve the insulation of your home, potentially lowering your energy bills
  • New construction: If you’re in the process of building a new home, contacting a double glazing company during the early stages of construction ensures the window installation can be adequately planned and integrated into the building process
  • Noise issues: Living in a noisy area can result in significant disturbance and feelings of intrusion, and double glazing offers a practical solution
  • Energy efficiency goals: Double glazing is an impactful solution to a more sustainable home, reducing your energy consumption and the subsequent bills 

Regarding timing, it’s worth noting that window replacement can be a significant job and may cause some disruption to your home life. Therefore, plan this work at a time when it will minimally impact your daily routine. Weather can also be a factor; spring or summer might be more suitable, as the installation process can temporarily expose your home to the elements.

It’s advisable to contact a few companies, gather quotes and discuss timelines before deciding on a provider and schedule. This process might take a few weeks, so factor this into your overall planning. You can also check if you’re eligible for a windows grant from the UK government to see if you can save money on your new window costs.

Installing new windows is a complex process that requires a certain level of expertise and technical skill. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to hire a professional double glazing company to handle the installation for the following reasons:

  • Expertise: Specialist double glazing companies have the necessary skills and knowledge to install your windows correctly. They understand the specific requirements of different types of windows and can provide advice on the best options for your home
  • Quality assurance: Professional companies usually offer a guarantee on their work. If anything goes wrong with the installation, they’re obligated to fix it at no extra cost. This is not the case if you attempt to install the windows yourself
  • Regulations: There are several building regulations related to window installation, with which you must comply. A professional company will be familiar with these rules and ensure your installation meets all the necessary standards
  • Equipment: Installing double-glazed windows requires specialised tools and equipment, which a professional company will have. Attempting a DIY installation without the correct tools can lead to problems
  • Safety: Window installations can be hazardous, especially for larger windows or installations above ground level. Professional installers are trained in the necessary safety procedures to minimise the risk of accidents.

While it might be tempting to save money by installing the windows yourself, it’s worth considering the potential costs of a poor installation. Improperly installed windows can lead to drafts, leaks – or even structural problems – which can cost more to fix in the long run. Therefore, hiring a professional double glazing company is generally a wise investment.

Assessing the reliability of a double glazing company is essential before entrusting them with your home improvement project. 

A company’s longevity often speaks to its ability to consistently deliver high-quality products and services, indicating its prowess in satisfying customers and staying competitive. Online reviews also offer valuable insights. Feedback on product quality, the installation process, customer service, and the company’s approach to problem resolution can highlight their commitment to maintaining a high standard of service.

A reliable company usually offers strong guarantees or warranties on its products and services, demonstrating confidence in the workmanship and a willingness to resolve any issues that might surface. Its credibility can also be evaluated based on certifications and memberships with industry bodies such as the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (FENSA), Certass, or the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC).

You should also keep updated on any companies entering administration or ceasing trading, as building suppliers and home improvement companies have been hit particularly hard in the wake of the pandemic and cost of living crisis. For instance, Everest Limited went into administration in June 2020, forming a new company called Everest 2020 Limited. This has resulted in some lifetime guarantees expiring, as Everest 2020 will no longer honour previous warranties taken out with Everest. Safestyle recently ceased trading, with outstanding orders being transferred to Anglian Home Improvements for completion.

How we research and write about windows

To ensure our window reviews are as exhaustive as possible, we thoroughly examine and evaluate 34 distinct criteria. Each window’s cumulative performance across these data points forms its final rating, influencing our ultimate recommendation.

Some of the most important features we consider when reviewing windows include:

  • Energy efficiency and performance
  • Features and security considerations
  • Durability and build quality
  • Available styles, designs and materials
  • Installation process
  • Manufacturer’s reputation
  • Price
  • Guarantees
  • Customer reviews

Each criterion is categorised into one of the following sections:

  • Performance and features
  • Supplier’s/manufacturer’s reputation and credibility
  • Customer experience
  • Environmental impact
  • Price

All of our windows articles are verified by our in-house team of fact-checkers to ensure our content is as accurate and up to date as possible. To find out more, read our article on how we cover windows.

Windows cost calculator

See how much it would cost to get new windows for your home.

This calculator works using pricing data sourced directly from UK windows manufacturers. Prices are subject to fluctuations, however, so please use the results as a guide and contact suppliers for an exact price for your property.

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With over 10 years of experience, she has worked with some of the UK’s leading companies and publications, including the Federation of Master Builders, Architectural Digest, and Denon Construction. 

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