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Safestyle windows review (in administration as of October 2023)

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Home improvement projects, such as replacing your windows with more durable and energy-efficient options, can be a complicated process. There are many factors to consider, including deciding on window frame materials, frame size, the type of glass, windows prices, etc. While you may figure all this out yourself, you’ll also need to know which company you can trust to manufacture and install your new windows.

Safestyle is a fairly affordable and sustainable double-glazed window company offering various window materials, designs and styles. The company also offers different types of window, including casements, bay, sash and French windows. Moreover, Safestyle manufactures and installs double-glazed windows exactly as per the client’s specifications and requirements.

We’ve put together a comprehensive review of Safestyle windows and some reasons you should consider this company for your next home improvement project.

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A brief look at Safestyle

Established in 1992, Safestyle is reputed as one of the biggest double-glazing window manufacturers and installers in the UK. Safestyle provides top-rated double-glazed windows and has received excellent customer ratings and reviews. The company manufactures all its windows locally in the UK, focusing on implementing newer, more efficient operational technologies to help further optimise the quality of its windows and window seals and offer better energy efficiency.

Safestyle pros and cons

As with anything home improvement investment, it’s essential to consider the pros and cons of windows and get different quotes, finding something that offers more value for money and provides the type of durability and warranties you’re looking for. In light of this, we’ve listed some pros and cons of Safestyle double-glazed windows for you to consider.


  • Experienced and accredited installers: One of the best things about Safestyle is that the company is TrustMark certified. In addition, the company is a member of the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (FENSA) and is certified by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF). 
  • Affordability: Another reason Safestyle is such a popular company is its reasonable double glazed windows prices, compared with other businesses. Moreover, the company offers a price-matching scheme if you provide it with an authentic copy of your quote from another company. The quote should specify the type of window, material, glazing and design quality.
  • Interest-free financing for up to two years: Safestyle also offers an interest-free two-year financing option. This means you can make payments using your credit card at virtually no annual percentage rate.
  • Great warranties: You’ll be happy to know that Safestyle offers a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty on all its double-glazed windows. The warranty includes various factors such as manufacturing defects, wear and tear, materials and components. 
  • Different window styles: Safestyle offers a diverse array of double-glazed window frames, styles, materials and colours. So, you won’t have to worry about matching your window frames with the rest of the interior décor. 
  • Custom products: Besides supplying high-quality double-glazed windows, Safestyle offers other home improvement components and items, such as doors and door handles.


  • Commission-based sales team: As Safestyle sales teams earn a commission on each sale, many customers have complained that the company tries to sell more expensive products rather than items that align with the customer’s budget and requirements. This is why it’s wise to get quotes from various brands first and choose a quote for windows within your price range.
  • Room for improvement in aftercare services: Some customers have complained that the company doesn’t provide optimal aftercare and customer care services, with difficulties contacting the company for fitting and installation issues.

Safestyle window types available

Box windows in anthracite uPVC from Safestyle. (Safestyle)

Safestyle offers a variety of window types, but only in uPVC, which might not be to all tastes or suit all house styles. They do offer wood-effect windows, including rosewood, Irish oak and golden oak as a low-maintenance timber alternative. All windows are also available in a variety of coloured uPVC options, from Anthracite Grey and White Woodgrain to Chartwell Green. In addition, Safestyle double glaze windows come with their cutting-edge Claw Grip interlock system that’s automatically triggered as soon as you close the window, making it fully secure. Unfortunately, Safestyle has ended its collaboration with Duraflex uPVC systems after a decade of partnership. Duraflex is one of the UK’s most reputed and distinguished uPVC manufacturers. Moreover, while Safestyle offers a variety of window security features, the company is not Secured by Design certified. 

Casement windows

The company supplies bespoke uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) casement windows that are A+ rated for maximum heat retention and energy efficiency. Casement windows come with built-in frame hinges at either side.

Tilt-and-turn windows

The company manufactures uPVC tilt-and-turn windows, which can be partially opened at an angle, or opened completely for better ventilation. Tilt-and-turn windows are purposely designed for flexible ventilation as they can be tilted instead of having to be fully opened, or they can also be fully opened towards the inside..  

Bay windows

Bay window is primarily an umbrella term for all types of windows that are designed to protrude outwards from a room exterior of a house. Safestyle supplies uPVC bay windows in various designs, including angled, box and bow styles. You can select from a wide range of designs, glaze customisations and finishings. 

Sash windows

Typically seen in period properties, sash windows come with dual window frames (sashes) that sit one atop the other. These sashes then slide using a pulley and weight system to open from the top or bottom. They can also be known as sliding windows and can be opened vertically and horizontally. Safestyle’s uPVC sash windows are designed with neat lines, are low-maintenance and come in various designs and styles to suit period homes. 

French windows

Safestyle also manufactures uPVC French windows for homeowners looking for a crisp and clear view. French windows are also known as floating windows and are designed to be opened outwards to the garden, creating a big opening for maximum ventilation.  

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Safestyle energy efficiency

Regarding energy efficiency, go for Safestyle’s Eco Diamond double-glazed windows, which have an energy efficiency rating of A. In addition, they are certified by the Energy Saving Trust. Safestyle uses Pilkington Optifloat glass for the outer frame, which helps retain ambient heat, keeping you warm. For the inner pane, the company employs Pilkington K glass, which helps effectively reflect sunlight inside the room for added warmth. Plus, for maximum energy efficiency, Safestyle designs its windows with a 24mm space between both glass panes.

In addition, Safestyle is also a sustainable company and has a recycling scheme where they reuse all the windows that they take out instead of just discarding them in a landfill.

Safestyle window installation

To provide a quote, Safestyle will send a qualified professional to survey your house and give you an estimate. You can schedule the house visit at your convenience.

After you confirm a date and time for the house visit, the professional will come and look at all the places you need the windows to be installed and answer all your questions. The window installer will also take accurate measurements and evaluate any potential complications during window installation. Moreover, if you haven’t decided which windows you’d like to install, the professional will give you many options suited to your style, budget and requirements.

Surveying the house

If you’re satisfied with the first visit, the company will schedule a second survey visit to take more accurate measurements, estimations and photos of the areas where you need to install the new windows. You’ll also be able to ask the surveyor any questions you forgot to ask during the initial visit.

The surveyor will also document final design measurements and ensure whether any more specifications need to be considered, such as whether the installation team would require scaffolding. 

Designing and creating double-glazed windows

After finalising the quote and measurements, Safestyle will send the production order and manufacture your double-glazed windows at its Yorkshire factory. Each item is designed and made per the client’s specifications and has a bespoke quality control process.

Installing the windows

After the windows are manufactured, Safestyle will contact you to schedule an installation date where a team of qualified fitters will come and install the windows as per your requested specifications. Safestyle installation experts are thorough and ensure the installation process goes as smoothly as possible with little to no mess made. They use dust sheets to cover your furniture and carpet to ensure nothing gets damaged or dirty during the process. 

Your old windows or doors will be removed carefully, and the company will send them for recycling. However, the company does not provide a set time for when the installation will be complete, as there are many variables involved in the process. 


Safestyle only asks for payment after it has confirmed your satisfaction with the quality of the products and the installation. The company focuses on client satisfaction, as it understands home improvement projects can be moderately expensive. This is one of the major reasons it will only ask for full payment after performing the installation as per your requirements. With that being said, it’s important to keep in mind that some Safestyle customers have had a negative experience with the company’s aftercare services and have mentioned that they’re difficult to get in touch with in case of an installation or fitting related issue.  

Safestyle guarantee

As per many Safestyle reviews, the company offers a 15-year guarantee on its double-glazed windows, which isn’t all that bad considering you can have the windows replaced or repaired should there be any complications after installation. The guarantee covers potential manufacturing and design flaws that may reduce their energy efficiency qualities or if they aren’t performing on par with the promises made by the company. Should there be any problems, Safestyle will replace or repair the double-glazed windows free of cost. The guarantee also covers other factors, such as weather-related issues, corrosion and waterproofing. 

Safestyle pricing and cost

You won’t be able to find Safestyle prices anywhere online as the company doesn’t have a fixed price on its products, as it manufactures and installs bespoke double-glazed windows. Because there are so many materials and designs available, estimating an average price for every product isn’t straightforward, but we’ve listed the average prices of Safestyle double-glazed windows based on recent customer quotes and orders.

Window type Average cost
Casement £250-570
Sash £500-1,050
Tilt and turn £400-675
Bay windows £400+

 There are a variety of other factors that may also impact the final price, such as:

  • Glass type: Different glass varieties, such as leaded or bevelled glass, can be a bit more pricey.
  • Window style: While casement windows can be affordable, other types of windows may be more expensive.
  • Installation scope: The installation price will also depend on the equipment needed, such as scaffolding.

How Safestyle compares to the competition

Safestyle provides good-quality double-glazed windows in diverse styles, designs, and materials. The company is ideal for homeowners looking for energy-efficient windows at affordable prices. In addition, Safestyle windows are highly comparable to other equally renowned and popular double-glazed window manufacturers and installers, such as Everest and Anglian. Compared to Anglian’s score of 3.9 out of five, Safestyle has a Trustpilot rating of 4.1 out of five. Everest has a rating of 4.3 out of five. When it comes to warranties and guarantees, Safestyle offers a 15-year warranty, while Everest offers a 20-year warranty on their products.

Considering window material varieties, Safestyle only offers uPVC windows while Anglian and Everest offers a slew of different materials such as timber and metal, providing customers with a wider range of choice and styles that they can consider in line with their interior décor and exterior aesthetics. Moreover, while Safestyle only offers double glazing, Everest provides a triple glazing option.  

In all, if you’re on a strict budget and would rather consider going for basic uPVC windows, then Safestyle is a great option. However, if you want more variety in terms of materials and glazing, another company might be better suited.  

Frequently asked questions

Safestyle’s double-glazed windows are competitively priced, compared with other big brands, such as Everest. However, it’d be best to ask for quotes from other companies and hone in on something closer to your budget and overall requirements. In addition, Safestyle also offers three different financing options to make your shopping experience easier and more affordable. For example, you can opt for their 24-month interest-free credit program with 0 per cent APR. Or, you could choose their 12-month payment plan at 13.9 per cent APR. Finally, the company also offers a low rate monthly finance interest-bearing credit at 11.9 per cent APR.

Although it’s one of the UK’s premier suppliers and installers of high-grade double-glazed uPVC windows, the company is yet to offer triple-glazed windows.

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